Against certain yokai you are, instinctively, overwhelmingly strong. One might say that you are their "natural predators"

Enjin Hiizumi, Chapter 22

The Yōkai Hunters (妖怪 ハンタ, Yōkai hanta) are a group of individuals consisting mostly of hanyou that specialize in eliminating yōkai and are thus considered the natural predators of yōkai. A large group of S-class and A-class yōkai hunters have been gathered under the leadership of Enjin Hiizumi to attack Sakurashinmachi.


Yokai Hunters Hideout

Enjin meets with the yokai hunters in an abandoned warehouse filled with broken vehicles, outside of Sakurashinmachi. The yokai hunters agree to help Enjin with his goal under the conditions that once the Nanagou blooms and the worlds merge, they will be allowed to hunt Enjin as well. There is a mutual hatred between the yokai hunters and Enjin.

They are categorized in ranks such as A-class and S-class.

Remaining Yokai Hunters

Enjin and the remaining hunters

Powers and Abilities

Most of the yokai hunters are those who have fallen thus becoming hanyou and gaining yōkai powers. Each of the yokai hunters specializing in combating a specific type of yokai. Enjin will sometimes use Falling on the yokai hunters to grant them more power.

Notable yokai hunters who are not hanyou are V Lila F and Iruka Kujouin.

Known Members