Kotoha Isone (五十音 ことは, Isone Kotoha) is a hanyou Kotodama-user. She is a resident of Sakurashinmachi and vice-director the Hiizumi Life Counselling Office. She is a highschool student attending a school outside of town. She is one of the main characters in the Yozakura Quartet series.


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Kotoha is very tall. She has brown, long hair that she keeps in two ponytails, kept in two white and orange striped bands. The front of her hair is parted to the left. Her eyes are brown-colored with a gold line and she wears cosmetic glasses. She has very large breasts.

She usually wears her summer school uniform, consisting of a white short-sleeved sailor-shirt with black lines and collar, a short black skirt and a red tie.

Her winter uniform consist of a green sweater with a white line in the middle. It is zipped until over her breasts. She also wears a long, purple skirt with buttons on the sides, but she keeps it unbuttoned at about the half of her thighs. Under her skirt, she has black leggings and brown, high shoes.


Kotoha is a very extroverted girl, very comfortable and sincere with who she is and with her own body, and if necessary doesn't bound to some society rules if they restrict her freedom, personality or if she finds them unnecessary. This is demonstrated in this in the way she sits, the fact that she frequently doesn't wear a bra, and in the way she experiments news ways of travelling across town, jumping between electric poles and roof tops.

She is very cultivated, curious and avid for learning all sorts of things from books which helps a lot with her power. This sense of self-worth, independency and of being useful that she continuously builds up from autodidacticism, allows her to be very resourceful, including in daily life situations.

In a group emergency or fight, she has quick decision making, and is the owner of her own thoughts and actions, leading to prompt action, except when her throat gets sore from burning out her physical resistance. She might enjoy being cheeky and provocative with her opponent before fighting.

When she was a child, she was very timid and shy.


As a child Kotoha was shy and spent most of her time reading books, imagining the characters in the stories to be her friends. She would often visit Makiharu Hiizumi where he would let her read books in the cellar of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office.[2]

When Kotoha fell, she caused a lot of damage before being partially-tuned by Makiharu with the help of Usuzumi Iyo and Jinroku Yotsuya. Kyosuke was injured during the encounter, damaging his eyesight resulting Touka resenting Kotoha. Hime became upset over their relationship resulting in Kyosuke telling Touka that he was going to get glasses anyways and telling her Kotoha was not to blame for herself falling and injuring him. Ao then invited Kotoha to play with the rest of the group and they became friends.[2]

As a child, she decided that she wanted to learn another language and chose English.[3] Kotoha also learned to read languages including, German, Russian Italian and French.[4]

Kotoha asked with Noriko for advice on where to attend highschool, wanting to get an opinion from someone who has left the town. Noriko told Kotoha that is she wanted to become stronger she should learn and explore. Kotoha would later tell Hime and Touka she chose her highschool because of their uniform. Touka was upset with Kotoha though Hime did not mind.[5]


Kotoha Hime, Kyosuke, and Ao head to the Hiizumi Life Counselling Office to discuss with Akina the recent crimes involving Kōsuke Yoshimura. After having a discussion and food Hime, Akina, Kotoha and Ao head off to deal with the criminal upon seeing him on tv assaulting Juli. The group are able to safely defeat Kōsuke and head home.[6]

When Hime discusses Junta's troubles with the group, Kotoha mentions that she and Junta competed in the finals of the town karaoke tournament. Kotoha mentions he was more cheerful than he is currently. Kotoha is present when Hime and Ao get into an argument about Ao using her powers on Junta. [7] After the situation with Junta is resolved, Kotoha, Akina, Hime and Kyosuke find Ao and Hime apologizes.[8]

Hime and Kyosuke arrives with Silver at the office, creating a large mess as soon as the dog enters. Kotoha tells Hime that she is spoiling the dog too much but Hime does not listen. Later, Silver bites Akina prompting Hime to discipline it and Silver leaves. Kotoha arrives late to Hime, Akina and Ao battle with an empowered Silver. Just as they are able to catch him, Silver falls, transforming into a large beast. Hime is able to defeat Silver and he is tuned by Akina.[9]

At the office, Kotoha pretends to work when until she is caught reading a magazine about Germany. Kotoha reveals to Ao and Akina that she saved up money to buy a trip to Germany over the spring break during which she will visit various museums. Shidou arrives with Mina and Kana, asking for a bandaid for Kana. Kotoha creates a bandaid with her Kotodama and gives a brief explanation of it the the kids. Akina has Ao and Kotoha go out to get more bandaids. Walking back, Kotoha and Ao find Hime and Kyosuke sparring as Akina watches. Hime asks Kotoha to spar though she initially refuses. During the duel, Hime accidentally destroys Kotoha's ticket to Germany. Kotoha gets angry and begins to use an excessive amount of power until she is stopped by Akina and Ao. Akina chastises Kotoha for losing control and endangering the children around them. Kotoha has a flashback to when she fell and apologizes to Akina and the children. Kotoha laments her lost vacation but Hime tells her of a karaoke tournament witha a trip to Germany as the grand prize. Kotoha gets excited only to find she has exhausted her voice.[10]

Making Progress

At the office Akina chastises everyone at the office for slacking off as Kotoha and Ao play video games. Akina tells them that they are going to be cleaning the office the next day but Kotoha tells him that she starts her trip to Germany that day, explaining she had her ticket re-issued. The other office member give valid excuses as well.[11] Kotoha returns a week later and inquires what she missed on vacation but Akina, Kyosuke and Touka state nothing happened.[12]

Thorny Path

Pool Party

At the park, Akina makes speech for the office party, but notes the large number of guest at the party. Mina offers the group a beverage in a glass bottle. The group take some believing to be only water but she reveals it is actual sake containing alcohol. The group spit out the drink and Mina yells at them for wasting the drink. Hime, Kotoha, Ao and Kyosuke begin to act intoxicated. Yae pushes Kotoha into Shidou only for Kotoha to tell Shidou that she likes girls. Kotoha asks Hime about her status with Akina, though Hime simply continues eating eggs in large amounts. Kotoha questions Hime's outfit asking why she is not wearing her summer clothes. Hime drunkenly explains that she just washed all her summer clothes. Kotoha states she wants to see Hime in Juli's nurse outfit, and how she would like one for herself as well. Juli lends Hime her nurse outfit, while Mariabell provides one for Kotoha. In excitement Kotoha uses her Kotodama to create a microphone and begins to sing. After the party ends, Hime is passed out along with Kotoha and Ao.[13]

At the office Ao and Kotoha notice there to a problem with their television's reception which Akina tell Kotoha to call to have fixed later. After Kotoha, Akina and Ao have lunch, Hime and Kyosuke arrive, Kotoha commenting on Hime's summer uniform. Hime shows them a letter she received via arrow which Akina and Kotoha immediately recognize as Kohime Sakurano's, who burst through the door tackling Kyosuke. Hime explains Kohime's plan to run as mayor just as Hime became mayor at the age of nine. Kohime has Hime take her out for patrols as training.[14]

Kohime Party

Later that night, Kohime throws a party at Hime's residence and they repeat the drunk fiasco from the earlier party, Kotoha passing out drunk. Kotoha, Kyosuke, Touka and Ao awake upon hearing Hime's reaction from Akina informing her of the blooming of the Nanagou. Hime asks Akina what will happen which Kotoha and Kyosuke explain, shocking Hime to find she was the only one left out. Akina tells Hime she was excluded since she was not a youkai and is busy being mayor. Hime mentions Kotoha not being a youkai but Kotoha tells her that she is not unaffected being a hanyou. The door bell rings and Touka and Ao go to answer it. A crash is heard as the remaining group rush to the front door to find a large lizard attacking them. Hime tries to fight the monster but fails. Kazuyoshi Morino, Eiji Shinozuka and an old man appear behind the monster as the kidnap Kohime. The old man activates an anti-youkai barrier causing the youkai member of the group to collapse to the ground. Kotoha and Akina are shocked to discover Hime is a youkai seeing her affected by the barrier as well.[15] Hime gets up to fight back but fails and is sent flying through a wall. Hime is sent flying towards Jinroku and Kiku Yotsuya who catches her. The monster continues its attack until Kotoha the old man order it to stop. Akina and Kotoha tend to Hime as the old man makes his demands for Kohime's release. Yae arrives and unlocks the townspeople's memories Hime had her seal six years ago. Hime cries, begging Akina to save the town before Juli arrive to take Hime into an ambulance. The remaining members of the group prepare their plan to save the town.[16]

Kotoha Railway Gun

Kotoha briefs the group on the plan, splitting the group up into two teams. Kotoha, Ao Touka and plan have Shidou help them locate and disable the anti-youkai barrier while Akina and Kyosuke are to attempt to rescue Kohime. Kotoha and her group drive off as Kotoha tells the two to not overdo it. Kotoha wonders what they should do about the anti-youaki barrier which Shidou suggests he was controlling it remotely. The group soon find themselves being pursued by the large lizard creature that attacked them. Kotoha phone rings as Akina calls her about the barrier. Yuhi calls Ao's phone telling them that the barrier is located in the metropolis. Ao uses her Satellite ability to scan the minds of the people and located some of the old man's grunts to be ina high location. Akina and Kotoha deduce the device being deployed from the Tokyo tower.[17] Kotoha prepares to have Shidou drive them to Tokyo but Akina tells them they are unable to leave town. Touka suggest the 88mm cannon she created before but Kotoha tells her it does not have enough range. They drive oversome rails and Kotoha devises a plan. The group drive by to pick up Akina and Koysuke from their fight with Eiji while Kotoha railway gun moving alongside them on the tracks.[18] Kotoha fires the cannon and manages to hit Tokyo tower with the help of a gust of wind. Kotoha is unable to stop the cannon as it continues moving and the track and she is separated from the group.[19] After getting off the railway, Kotoha changes out of her gunpowder cover clothes into her school uniform when she suddenly feels a tremor.[20]

Group meet Enjin

From the sky, Kotoha arrives at the battle kicking the last of the old man's lizard creatures, knocking it out. Kotoha hears Eiji inside the creature and use her Kotodama to cut it open from the inside while Akina tunes it, rescuing Eiji. The old man taunts Akina as he undoes his illusion, revealing the body of Gin Nanami. The man puts on a pair of glasses as he introduces himself as Enjin Hiizumi, a member of the Hiizumi Clan Branch Family.[21] Enjin explains that the Branch Family was forcibly tuned by the main family and the Nanagou were sent back to their world as an act of revenge. Enjin tells Akina that he will need Akina’s body in order to obtain the power to accelerate the blooming of the Nanagou, stating that he will force Akina’s soul to leave his body, revealing a scar on his body which he uses as an example. Kotoha catches Ao as she faints at the sight. Enjin begins to explain his Satori powers creating an illusion of Hime's Dragon Spear as an example. Enjin swings his dragon spear around hitting Akina in the chest. Being an illusion no damage was inflicted, but as Enjin gets closer to Akina he reveals that he was wielding a box cutter knife hidden by his illusion. Enjin stabs Akina in the gut and Akina collapses, shocking Touka, Kyosuke, Hime, Kotoha and Shidou. In burst of rage the group suddenly begin to attack Enjin with lethal force. Hime prepares to kill Enjin but her attack is stopped by Shidou who redirects Hime’s dragon spear and grabs Enjin by the neck. Hime tells Shidou to get out of her way and that she is going to kill Enjin, while Shidou tells her to stop.[22]

Thorny Path End

A loud clap is caused by Yuhi who arrives along with Mariabell, and tells them the break it up. By the time Hime and Shidou can return their attention to Enjin he had already disappeared to the rooftops. Hime realizes that Enjin really was using teleportation before and was using an illusion to mask it. Enjin bids farewell and tells Akina not to sleep forever. The group turn their attention towards Akina who wakes up and pulls out the Hime-memo revealing it had block the attack. Akina turns towards Hime who is on the verge of tears, but is covered up by Kotoha who uses Hime’s scarf to wrap her face. Kotoha comments how much commotion was made simply over a mayoral election. Yuuhi tells the group that Kohime cannot run for mayor and that Morino is mayor for next term as well, shocking the rest of the group. Yuuhi explains that a nine year old cannot be mayor and that Sakurashinmachi is an exception. The group collapse to the ground exhausted, Kotoha complaining that their troubles were over nothing.[22]

Kotoha and Akina watch as Hime oversees the rebuilding of Jinroku's shop. Akina notes Hime to be in a good moon which Kotoha attributes to Akina fixing her scarf.[22]

Nanagou 3

During the Nanagou Pilgrimage Stamp Rally, Kotoha calls Ao asking her for help. Ao helps Kotoha manage her station as Eiji arrives with Mina and Kana. Eiji and Kotoha have a discussion about the natures and experiences as hanyou. Kotoha tells Eiji that she was lucky to be saved by Makiharu and unlucky to fall in the first place but wants to use it as an opportunity to help people. Before Kotoha leaves, Eiji tells Kotoha that he would like to talk more, hanyou to hanyou which Kotoha accepts. Ao and Kotaha leave to clean the office. At the office, Hime has bought too much food and Kotoha asks Kyosuke and Akina if they anyone who can help them finish it.[23]


The next day, Ao wakes Kotoha up as she makes breakfast for the both of them. After getting changed, the two have breakfast together and Kotoha leaves for school while Ao heads to work. After school, Kotoha arrives at the office to find Ao alone looking sad. Ao hugs Kotoha but tells her nothing is wrong. Kotoha suggest get something to eat to cheer her up.[24] Hime and Akina would later arrive at the same restaurant they are eating at.[25]

Sea of Stars

On the way to school, Kotoha passes Rin and the others and Rin tosses her bento box. The next day Kotoha spots Rin outside Hou Houran as she rushes late to school. Rin tells her it is a national holiday, tripping her and Kotoha decides to head to the office.[26]

Hime Bear Head

Kotoha and Ao head to Yae's church for an errand as Rin calls Kotoha over the phone about a bear sighting at her place. The two run into Yuhi and Mariabell and walk to the church together. At the church Kotoha and Ao pick up various charms for their errand. Yuhi and Yae talk about the past two hundred years, the conversation eventually leading to Yuhi lifting up Kotoha's skirt followed by him getting beaten by her and Mariabell. Ao notices a item missing from their errand list and Yae brings them to her room to get it. Along the way the spot Hime outside wearing a stuffed mascot bear head. Yae is enamoured by the bear head but tries to deny it. Kotoha opens the door to Yae's room to find it decorated with teddy bear paraphernalia. Yae gets mad at Kotoha until Hime tells Yae she can keep her bear head. Back in the main hall of the church, Kotoha and Hime discuss Hime’s patrols. Kotoha mentions the crime rate for their town being low to which Mariabell adds that their town's crime rate and arrest rate are the lowest in in the Kanto region. Hime begins to grin believing it to bee due to her efforts but Kotoha states otherwise. Yuhi remembers that he was asked to notify them of a series of burglaries that have been affecting neighbouring towns. Hime states that she will strengthen her patrol and Yae begins to giggle while rolling on the floor with her bear had. Yae tells Hime that she cannot perform night patrol and that Yae herself ensure that it is difficult for people to commit crime in their town.[27]

The group head outside as Rin and Akina arrive. Yuhi tells them he has something to discuss and the group head to Hou Houran. There he discusses Enjin's plans and his employment of Yōkai Hunters. While discussing the group enjoy Rin's food until Yuhi mentions the possibility of a necromancer, causing Rin to drop a bowl. The office members continue eating Rin's food, stating it is delicious and assuring her that they will keep her safe before heading off.[26] The next day, Ao and Kotoha tease Yae as she has Akina repair her bear head.[27]

Kotoha walks with Rin and Ao when they see Hime and Juli repairing a signpost based at a Nanagou. Rin begins to feel sick and Hime offers to walk her home. Kotoha and Ao go along, Kotoha needing to deliver a message to Akina who forgot his phone. The find Akina ar Hou Houran and Kotoha give Akina the message from the Senate. As Akina prepares to go Hime stops her, concerned about wha t happened at the previous meeting. Kotoha and Ao offer to go in their stead, the two of them quickly rushing of as Akina realizes they just want to go shopping.[28]

Ao and Kotoha walk home from their shopping trip, haven forgotten about the Senate meeting until they receive a phone call from them. Usuzumi Iyo informs Kotoha that yōkai hunters are attack the town at the very moment and that they are hanyou.[29] As Kotoha and Ao rush back to town Kotoha loses her breath. Ao senses something and has Kotoha go on ahead without her.[30]

Zakuro vs Kotoha

Kotoha arrives from the sky, creating a wall between Hime and Zakuro Kurumaki's golems. Zakuro calls Kotoha and interesting person as the two recognize each other as hanyou.[31] Zakuro states the two of them of them are the same, the both of them being monsters. Kotoha denies Zakuro and Zakuro further agitates Kotoha by telling her that she smells blood on her. Kotoha receives a traumatize flashback to when she fell and Zakuro taunts her to kill her. Hime is able to snap Kotoha back to her senses and reminds her of their non-lethal modus operandi. The two fight Zakuro and her golems when the Juli arrive in her van with Rin's guardians. Juli calls out to Kotoha waving two defibrillators. Hime rests as Kotoha disposes of the remainder of Zakuro's golems. Kotoha is able to capture Zakuro with rope when Enjin imbues her with more fallen power from afar. Zakuro is set free and creates a enormous golem, grabbing Kotoha. Kotoha breaks free but is unable to move for a short amount of time. Kotoha remembers Juli's signal to her and heads over to a bridge over the river as Zakuro follows on her golem. At the bridge Kotoha explains that she was able to deduce Zakuro golems function via a current of travelling throughout them just as a human body. Kotoha jumps off and signal to Juli who sets a pair of defibrillators on the bridge, sending an electric current through Zakuro and the golem. While they are stunned Kotoha creates a barrage of bullets destroying the golem. Hime catches Kotoha as she falls.[32] Kotoha takes a rest in Juli's ambulance as the other finish battle. Kotoha grabs Akina's hand to reverse his sliding and tells Akina that he is the only one who can save her.[33] Kotoha creates an inflatable mattress to save the group from falling after the have exorcised Zakuro.[34]

The next day Kotoha and Ao are at Hou Houran watching Zakuro and Okami-san bond when Hime and Touka arrive. Kotoha explains Rin's scars were inflicted by humans from before she met Zakuro. Okami-san tells them of their plans to have Zakuro live and work with them to Zakuro explains she needs Hime's permission to live in town first. Akina arrives as they watch Hime eat silently. Hime asks for the others' opinions of having Zakuro stay. Kotoha tells Hime she she no grudge for when they fought and expresses her excitement of having another hanyou companion.Upon learning that they are the same age Kotoha and Touka ask her to go to their respective schools while Ao asks her to work at the office with her. Hime has another serving of ramen before exiting, leaving behind some change and a piece of paper. Kotoha sighs believing that Hime was unconvinced. Kotoha and Ao sllep at the restaurant when Rin returns home. The two wake up when Rin informs them that the paper left by Hime was Zakuro's certificate of residency.[35]


At the office Hime sneezes, insisting to go out patrolling despite being sick. Akina has Kotoha and Ao restrain her and take her home to rest. Along the way They pass by Touka and Mizuki. Touka gives Kotoha the key to their residence and Mizuki tags along.[36] They arrive at Hime's residence where they tuck Hime into her futon. Kotoha finds that Hime is out of food and goes out to buy more. Kotoha heads off, jumping onto a telephone pole when she notices Zakuro and Eiji fighting in the distance.[37]

Falling into some bushes, Kotoha stops a fight between Zakuro and Eiji, clearing up Zakuro's misunderstanding. The three talk as the finish shopping for groceries for Hime. Zakuro asks Kotoha to introduce her to any other hanyou so she does not mistake them for any enemy again. Kotoh demonstrates her ability to discern youkai from human pointing them out those nearby. The three take a detour, passing by and fixing a broken lamppost with a note from Kyosuke. The three walk up a staircase through a forested area where Kotoha explains that she does not know any other hanyou other than herself and the two. Kotoha explains the difference between them, humans and youkai as they reach the top of the staircase to a graveyard. Kotoha explains they are not actual graves but memorials to those who were tuned. Kotoha explains the blooming of the Nangou and their lack of solutions that do not require sacrificing others. Kotoha expresses her belief that they hanyou will be the key to saving everyone. Eiji states they should clean while they are there and the group notice a fresh bouquet of flowers. Zakuro gets worried about her necromancy powers acting up but Kotoha reminds her that there are no bodies beneath them. As the pull out weeds, Zakuro expresses her desire to work best but Kotoha tells her to just adjust to living in town first since it will give Hime strength.[38]

Kotoha and her group return to Hime's residence along with Touka, Kyosuke, Akina and Kohime as Uzu leaves. Kotoha is tired to make food and tells Touka to but Touka complains about there being to many people to cook for. Mizuki, Sawaki and Midoriko beg for Ao to cook and Ao accepts.[37]

Song of Flowers

Kotoha sense a hanyou leading her to Zakuro chasing an unknown figure and kicks it away. The target escapes and Midorikobegins to cry from their encounter. Ao calls Akina to warn him and Kotoha suggest they should go see Juli for Midoriko's injuries. [39] Kotoha uses a megaphone to warn the townfolk of a the youkai hunter and tells them to return home. Ao reminds Kotoha they can simply use the broadcasting system at the office when she receives a phone call from Akina. Kotoha explains what happened to them and Akina tells them he is unable to contact Juli. Ao gets Kotoha's attention when notices a giant flying blade in the distance. The two rush over to its location when the blade sudden thrusts downwards.[39] Kotoha and Ao arrive at Juli's Hospital, barely dodging a barrage of blades as the enter where they find Lila with Hime and Juli restrained. Zakuro arrives and the two defend themselves from Lila's barrage of blades. Just as Zakuro is about to go on the offensive, Juli yells at her to stop informing them that Lila is her little sister. Lila collapses the walls of the building as if they were stage props and pushes Kotoha off the floor with her broom. The floor is flies into the sky leaving Kotoha, Ao and Zakuro behind.[40]

The three chase after the flying platform. Ao comments on Lila's skills as a hanyou leaving Kotoha and Zakuro confused to as what she is talking about. Lila's broom falls from the platform and Kotoha begins to drool over it. Ao receives a call from Akina and then asks Kotoha for her throat medicine. Kotoha uses Lila's broom to fly up to the platform catching Hime from falling. Hime lifts the platform from falling once Lila is hurt by Shidare and Noriko's anti-youkai barrier stungun. Hime yells at Juli to apologize to Lila and the two sister reconcile. Enjin prepares to have Lila fall but is intercepted.[40] The platform flies out of control and the two chase after it. Kotoha and Hime pass by Uzu and Akina along the way and Uzu tosses Akina to them. The platform is caught by Kyosuke. Kotoha and Hime arrive at the scene and have Juli reverse the effect of Akina's sliding. With help from Lila, Akina is saved.[41]

The next day, Touka tells Kotoha, Kyosuke and Ao that Hime is depressed only for Hime to arrive cheerful and energetic. Lila arrive to give Hime a ride to school on her flying broom. Touka realizes that since Lila is not a hanyou all her previous feats were human magic tricks. Kotoha asks Lila to teach her but Lila refuses.[42]

The Coming Summer

Kotoha complains about the rainy season despite Akina pointing out the weather to be clear to which Kotoha than complains about the heat. Shidou, Mina and Kana arrive with an inflatable pool, asking to use the offices water. Mina invites the office members to swim but all except Ao refuse. Julia and Lila arrive at the pool party. Juli brings Akina a pair of Hime's socks to return to Hime but Akina has Kotoha take them. Juli helps Akina rearrange the office as Zakuro arrives. Kotoha wears Hime's socks as she pokes Akina with her feet prompting Akina to tell her to take them off. Kotoha comments on the stocking maker her look thinner grabbing Zakuro's attention. Noriko and Shidare arrive to give Zakuro and Lila their checkups and Zakuro leaves.[43] Kotoha listens to Noriko giving Lila her checkup as she cheers Noriko on in her head. Kotoha finds that she has completed her office work early as Touka arrives complaining about the heat in the office. Kotoha tells her that their air-conditioning is broken and that Akina is outside by the Senate van. Touka comments on Kotoha and Akina seeming to get along well but Kotoha thinks nothing of it. The two talk about how Ao has been going her spot on the Nanagou, where she used to go with Gin, more recently. Touka asks Kotoha if there is anything going on between her and Akina to which Kotoha denies. Kotoha tells Touka that she has not thought of Akina in a such a way before, comparing him more to a dog. Kiku arrives, telling them she cannot simply say such things about Akina. Kiku tells them that she needs use their fridge for some extra storage for the upcoming festival. Touka thinks about inviting Akina to the festival and Kotoha that she will join which Touka objects. Kiku comments on Akina being the same as his grandfather, both of them being very stubborn. Kiku states Hime and Kotoha are stubborn as well. Kotoha states while Akina' grandfather was cool that Akina is very different. KIku comments on how Jinroku, Usuzumi and Makiharu were in the past and how Usuzumi and Makiharu protected the town. Touka asks Kiku why she chose Jinroku to which Kiku explains Jinroku did thing politically. Kotoha receives an phone call and Kiku and Touka leave.[44]

Kotoha states at Akina in the office wondering what Touka and Hime see in him. Kotoha thinks about asking whether he like Hime or Touka but decides it is too rude and asks if he likes her instead. Akina gives Touka a suspicious look, believing Kotoha to up to some scheme. Kotoha presses up behind Akina and begins to flirt but Akina tells her to get off, complaining about the heat. Kotoha chokes Akina with her legs for flat out rejecting her.[44]

Kotoha asks about Akina's conversation with Shidare while they were outside. Akina tells them of their debating of justice and evil and Akina voices his opinion of neither mattering and it being best to find a way for everyone to be happy. Kotoha is confused by Akina's response and wonder if something is wrong. Kotoha calls Akina a midday lantern being useless. Kotoha offers to do the rest of Akina’s work but Akina insist she not. Kotoha insists on doing his work, sets a ten minute timer and knocks Akina out a Hidagyu meat pillow, telling him to go to sleep. Yae appears from the window wearing her bear head telling Kotoha she should understand why he acting in such a way. Kotoha tells Yae the Akina does not understand enough to do his job. Yae puts her bear head on Kotoha, gropes her and tells her Akina’s tuning is taking toll on him, leaving him exhausted and that she had less work because Akina did it for her while she was at school. Yae tells Kotoha she cannot see the brilliance of a midday lantern since it is bright outside, and having a midday lantern is not a bad thing. Kotoha’s timer goes off and Akina wakes up. Kotoha uses her Kotodama to create a deputy seal, telling Akina she is the director for the day. Kotoha insist on helping and Akina gives in. Kotoha grabs Akina from behind suggesting the two go out during the summer festival, as a reward for his hard work. Akina rejects her offer her offer prompting her to kick Akina. Kotoha contemplates to herself she figured Akina would reject. Ao enters the room in her swimsuit and Mina’s hoodie, prompting Kotoha to get excited and hug her. Akina mentions another stating that wanting everyone to be happy was alright.[44]

Hime tells Kotoha their goal of everyone being happy to be good even if optimistic. Kotoha and Hime converse about Akina over exhausting himself and needing a break. As they talk, Ao and Touka spin the lottery wheel wining the grand prize vacation to Hakone.[44]

Crying in the Moonlight

At the office Ao and Kototha discuss their trip to Hakone with everyone. Hime is upset that her duties as mayor stop her from going. Kotoha and Ao nudge Kyosuke and he tells Hime that he will adjust her schedule for it and Hime cheers.[45] Kotoha and Ao arrive together meeting with Akina, Hime, Kyosuke and Touka to leeave for their trip.[46]

n the ski-lift, Hime cowers from her fear of heights and Kotoha comforts her. Kotoha inquires about Akina's bage which he tell her she acquired from to deliver to their inn. Akina opens the bag and the group is shocked to find Yae hiding inside. Arriving at Owakudani Valley, Kotoha reads a travel guide made by Touka to decide where to stop next, reading about a store selling Owakudani's signature Kuro-Tamgao. Ao enters a drunk haze upon smelling the Kuro-Tamago. Upon reaching the store, Kotoha reads from Touka's travel guide stating that eating an egg will expand one lifespan by seven years. Kyosuke buys several boxes of them for the group and begins feeding them to Hime. Ao begins to act more drunk and Kotoha rubs her belly. Yae leads the group through a forested area to a small inn located in the forest. Yae and Tomoe greet and Tomoe welcomes the group in. After resting in the hot-springs and changing clothes, the group enjoy their dinner. Kotoha asks about Tomoe leaving her ears out to which she explains getting very few customers, most of them being youkai anyways. After dinner Tomoe shows them to an area where they can play ping-pong. Kotoha and Ao watch Hime's lacklustre game before Ao suggest the go play themselves.[45] Kotoha receives a call from Juli and shouts using her Kotodama to give Juli and RPG, startling everyone in the process.[47] Having overheard Koysuke's talk with Tomoe about surviving the blooming of the Nangou, Kotoha challenges Kyosuke to pingpong against herself, Akina and Ao decide whether or not he is strong enough. Kyosuke defeats them easily. Tomoe challenges Kyosuke to a game and he decline, Tomoe then challenging him to sparring match with shinai. Tomoe transforms into her adult form, gaining the upper hand on Kyosuke. Yae tells the group that Tomoe is a god around 1200 years old. Tomoe and Kyosuke converse about Kyosuke being to concerned about the fate of the world and had Kyosuke promise to return the next year.[45]

At five in the morning, the group take a soak in the hotsprings catching the sunrise. Not wanting to disturb Hime or Ao, Kotoha offers to wash Touka's back instead and begins caressing her. The four watch as the sun begins to rise. Afteri packing their luggage, Tomoe leads them as their tour guide showing them to them to Lake Ashi and the Hakone Shrine. Tomoe leads the group up the mountain, through the forest to huge of fields of the Mototsumiya Shrine. Tomoe unpacks some food and clears the clouds from the skies, amazing Kotoha with her abilities. Hime get excited for food only to be surprised with a birthday cake as the group pop their party poppers and announce Hime a happy birthday. Kotoha explains to Hime that her presents are being delivered to her and they are having a belated party since the previous incidents with the two youkai hunters got in the way. Hime comments on her birthday being a month ago and Kotoha tells Hime that her presents are being delivered and they were unable to celebrate before due to the incidents with Zakuro and Lila. Hime thanks them and Kotoha gives a pair of chopstick to eat the cake, confusing Hime. Hime finds that the cake is made of soba noodles which Akina and Kyosuke state they had Tomoe make for her. After leaving, Kotoha later texts Tomoe thanking her. [48]

Upon returning to Sakurashinmachi, the group run into Mina and Kana, Mina riding their new canine companion Rokkaku. Hime, Ao and Kotoha go to see the "dog", Ao and Kotoha shocked when it suddenly speaks. Nadeshiko Matsudaira and Shidou arrive introducing Hime to their new hanyou police dog. Hime welcomes and shakes Rokkaku paw. Hime is reminded of Silver when Kotoha and Ao jump on Hime back to cheer her up, telling her that they will be staying over at her place. Hime notices something and jumps up carrying the two. From above the three notice there to be an extra Nanagou.[47]


The next day, Kotoha walks back from school with Mizuki as Touka calls out to her form across the bridge.[2] Kotoha and Hime arrive at the office as they decide to investigate the Nanagou. Akina tells Kotoha to stay since Juli will be stopping by later.[49] Akina, Hime and Ao leave the office to go investigate the Nanagou leaving Kotoha alone in the office. Kotoha comments how relaxed everyone is with work despite only taking a day off. Kotoha finishes up her office work contemplating how she wishes she could use Kotodama to make it easier somehow. Kotoha summons Lila' broom and practices using it but gives up. Kotoha makes herself some tea and begins to read. While reading Kotoha accidentally manifest one of the fictional character with her Kotodama before sending it away.[50] Juli and Lila arrive, Lila surprising Kotoha by pressing up against the window. Lila inquires about the book she is reading which is written in english and Kotoha tells Lila she learned to read english by herself. Excited in discovering Kotoha to be a bookworm like herself, Lila materializes a bunch of books from her collection on to for her to read. Kotoha takes a look a the books as Mariabell and Juli and Lila's father enter the room. Kotoha brings the man a cup of tea and attempt to welcome him English only for him to speak back in Japanese. The man converses with his two daughters when Lila remembers her message from Akina for Kotoha telling her to a book from the archives. They move a desk revealing a shaft beneath it. Kotoha climbs down the ladder when it suddenly breaks. Kotoha finds the book and passes it to the sisters, telling them she will fix the ladder with her Kotodama to get back up.[3] Kotoha contemplates how long it has been since she has been here as she takes a seat at the table. Kotoha falls asleep and begins to think about when she fell. Kotoha makes her way through the darkness back to the shaft and begins panic when remembering her hanyou powers. Kotoha curls up into the fetal position as memories of when she fell flashback to her.[50] Touka falls down the shaft and lands on Kotoha.[51] Kotoha summons a barrage at Touka which she is able to avoid. Touka closes in on Kotoha and kisses her on the mouth, preventing her from using her Kotodama and Kotoha passes out.[50] Juli prepares a rope down the shaft allowing Touka to carry Kotoha out and have her rest on the couch. Kotoha phone rings as she suddenly wakes up seeing Ao falling off the Nanagou in the distance. Using Lila's broom, Kotoha bursts through the office window across the streets towards Ao. Seeing that she will be unable to catch Ao in time, Kotoha answers her phone which was being called by Ao and uses her Kotodama to summon an inflatable mattress beneath Ao.[2]

Kotoha takes care of Ao as Akina arrives and Ao wakes up. Kotoha, Akina, Kyosuke and Ao head up the Nanagou using Zakuro's dirt elevator, reaching the top to find Hime and Enjou Hiizumi's coffin. The three girls hide behind Akina as Kyosuke opens to coffin. They are relieves when to find that the body is in a fresh, not decrepit conditioned as they assumed. Akina prepares to tune the body but Hime stops him so they can pray first.[2]

Oni Tale

Hime arrives at the office with Kohime where Kotoha, Eiji, Kazuyoshi, Ao and Juli's father wait for her. Kazuyoshi shows Hime the plans for a new anti-youkai barrier that the Senate has been distributing to the neighbouring towns. Hime is frustrated with the Senate's methods and Juli's father recognizes the work to that of Murasaki Iyo. Juli's father explains the relationship between the Nanagou, youkai in terms of biology and science mentioning the oni siblings to be different from other youkai, being born from legends and oral traditions which Kotoha compares to to thousands of people using Kotodama for the same thing. Eiji asks why other fictional character are not made manifest like the two sibling which Kotoha explains stating legends have a different feeling than other stories.[52]

Akina, Ao and Kotoha leave the office and prepare to head home when Kotoha senses a hanyou. They arrive at Hime's residence just in time to save Kyosuke from an attack by Iruka Kujouin. Kotoha question their assailant's choice of clothing which Iruka justfies saying blood washes off easier as Kotoha takes pictures of her. Iruka easily destroys Kyosuke's, Kotoha's and Akina defences, slashing Akina but not harming him. Iruka explains that hew sword only wants to kill oni and introduces herself to her opponents. In the distance a large pillar of light appears and they have Ao confirm the situation. While Iruka is distracted by the light Akina attempts to exercise her to no effect.[53] Though confused to as why tuning failed, Kotoha assures Akina that Iruka is a hanyou. Kotoha escapes Iruka's grasp as Iruka pins her down and Kotoha complains about fighting opponents specialize in raw strength. Akina has Ao send a telepathic message to Hime. Kotoha rushes to switch places with Hime, Yae's bear head landing on her head in the process.[54] Kotoha arrives at Touka's location kicking through Murasaki's anti-youkai barrier and Murasaki's face in the process.[55] Kotoha picks up Murasaki's cell phone as is disgusted contents of his research. Murasaki announces that he will collect data on Kotoha as well. Kotoha crushes Murasaki's phone and declares to him that she is going to punch him in the face. Murasaki has Kotoha on the retreat and eventually catches Kotoha with his shikigami. Murasaki prepares a truth serum to inject Kotoha and force her to use Kotodama. In the distance Ao uses her Satellite ability. Having broken Murasaki's syringes, Murasaki states he will analyze Ao after Kotoha and Touka. Kotoha chokes Murasaki with her legs, threatening him for threatening Ao. Murasaki breaks free and begins to draw surgical lines on Kotoha's legs, telling her that he not need them to analyze her Kotodama. Rokkaku arrives saving Kotoha from Murasaki and putting distance between the two. Kotoha has Rokkaku return to his canine form where she takes some cough drops off his collar. Kotoha has Rokkaku carry Touka as she taunts Murasaki leading him away from the area. Ao subliminally has Kotoha and Rokkaku lead Murasaki back to Hime residence where Kotoha bumps into Ao. Ao passes out having overexerted her abilities and Kyosuke confronts Murasaki for harming Touka.[54] Iruka attacks them all simultaneously. Akina catches Iruka off guard and attempts tuning again only to fail. Yae's sword is thrown down into Hime's yard, magically expanding it for Hime and Iruka to fight. Murasaki activates his experimental device to erase oni from the minds of the populace to see what happens to the oni. As the group begin to forget about oni, Kyosuke fades out of existence. Murasaki sees that Touka is still present and prepares to amplify the device but is interrupted by Kotoha who still remembers Touka's name. Thou forgetting about Oni, Akina stats he is unable to forget about Kyosuke and pulls him back into existence. Ao relays the thought of oni to the townspeople as Murasaki panics and his device fails. Murasaki reroutes his his devices power to his shikigami and has them attack. The presence of the oni, the dog Rokkaku and Murasaki's monkey and rooster shikigami transform Touka and give birth to the legend of the Momotarou. Touka slaps Mursaki defeating as Iruka redirects her attention to Kyosuke, crying that only one oni remains. Iruka lunges towards Kyosuke, bypassing Kotoha and Hime's defences. Iruka's blade is caught by Akina he recognizes it as the true hanyou and exorcises it. Enjin prepares to have Murasaki fall but Murasaki deflects his power. Noriko, Nadeshiko and Juli arrive to take care of Murasaki and Iruka. Noriko reveals that she intercepted Murasaki's recored and deleted it while Nadeshiko takes Iruka home. Ao and Kotoha decide to sleep over at Hime's place for the night.[56]

The next morning, Akina arrives at Hime residence to make breakfast. Shortly after, Iruka arrives being dropped off by a limousine and Kotoha interested to find out Iruka is rich. Iruka has breakfast with the group as she apologizes for her earlier actions. The group accept her apology, Kotoha stating Murasaki to be the real problem. Iruka explains how she was only controlled at night resulting other being unaware of her actions. Kotoha brings up the the sword making her wear a bikini during battles which Iruka in unaware of. Kotoha shows Iruka picture of her on her phone, embarrassing Iruka as she begs Kotoha to delete them. Kotoha deletes the photos and Iruka talks about her sword Doujigiri Yasutsuna which begins to talk surprising the group except Hime. Iruka give the blade to Akina believing herself to unfit to wield it until she is more trained. Hime asks Iruka if she could be her sparring partner and Akina tells Iruka that he needs training as well. Iruka contemplates her schedule and asks to move in with Hime which she easily allows to the surprise of the others. Touka states Iruka can move into her room while she moves into Kyosukes. Kyosuke embarrassingly refuses to which Touka brings up they bathed together yesterday. Kotoha and Ao give Kyosuke suspicious looks.[56]


Kotoha helps Hime's class clean their school pool when she, Ao and Rin start playing curling with the brooms and Hime chastises them for it. Sawaki mentions most of the people helping are not even from their class or school. Kotoha an Ao explain their reason as to just passing by and it seemed fun. Hime and Sawaki have trouble removing some mould when Iruka tells everyone to jump. With a single swipe, Iruka cuts the mould at its roots enabling it for easy cleaning. After the group finish cleaning, Midoriko returns with Uzu who tells them that they may use the pool as a reward for cleaning it. Hime states it would take half a day just to fill the pool which Kotoha solves by filling the pool using her Kotodama. Kotoha fills the pool with water, the slash drenching everyone but Hime who avoids it. Kotoha adds chlorine to the pool. Hime inquires about their swimsuits which Kotoha and Ao reveal to have been wearing beneath their clothes just in case. The group play in the pool as Hime refrains, simply soaking her feet. Kotoha offers to make Hime a swimsuit but she refuses. Yae arrives with Onigoroshi and joins in the pool party. Lila, Juli, Noriko and Nadeshiko arrive to join the party followed by Mina, Kana and Mariabell. Just as Kotoha states it strange for Mariabell to not be with Yuhi, Yuhi appears behinds Kotoha and gropes her breasts. Kotoha beats Yuhi and the water turns red. Kotoha uses her Kotodama to create various inflatable pool toys for the others until the pool is filled. Just as Kotoha takes a break, she finds Ao riding on a real sea turtle. Ao goes to return the sea turtle to ocean and Kotoha follows. Along the way Shidou offers to return the turtle home for them. Kotoha, Ao and Akina return to the pool to finds Hime swimming alone in her new swimsuit. They compliments Hime's swimsuit, Akina compliment causing Hime to hide her face in embarrassment. Akina offers to make food for them for their hardwork and heads to the office. Kotoha tells Hime to change but Hime wants to wear her swimsuit for a while longer.[57]

Kotoha walks with Mizuki, Midoriko and Sawaki when Tomoe arrives with Ao, Akina and Kyosuke on a flying boat to pick her up. The group investigate the tops of the Nanagou, going over their current knowledge of the Hiizumi Clan Branch Family. Tomoe tells them that they forgetting an important piece of information and tells them that Enjin plans to make his move in October. Hime accompanied by Yae, calls them down from below and Tomoe drops Kotoha, Akina and Ao off, giving them a hint of what she means.[58] Kotoha, Hime, Akina, Ao and Yae head to the Senate for a meeting, Yae wandering off elsewhere in the building. Kotoha lies down at the meeting have hurt her back in the fall. The Senate tell them of Enjin's plan to take action in October which they mention having already been informed by Tomoe. Yuhi reveals himself and helps the group realize as October the month of Gods, during which the town will lose its protection from him and Yae. Kotoha states that they are simply guessing but Usuzumi has Yuhi explains and demonstrate his prediction abilities as a god. Kotoha is still skeptical to which Yuhi accurately states the pattern of her and Ao's panties. The Senate explain their new plan to tune the Nanagou, using anti-youkai barrier developed by Murasaki, they will use the energy of the invading youkai during the fusion to tune the Nanagou. Yuhi tells Akina in order to succeed that Akina need to refrain from tuning until the blooming of the Nanagou. The Senate tell them they will offer their technology to use as a substitute for tuning in future conflicts until then. Usuzumi moves onto the final topic of killing Enjin.[59] Ao faints and Akina carries her as the group rush out of the building, passing by Yae and Onigoroshi along the way. Through the speakers, Usuzumi tells them that their conversation is not finished, stating they are asking for their consent which infuriates Akina. Akina passes Ao to Kotoha and he uses Onigoroshi to cut open the closing door. Outside, Tomoe arrives dropping off Mariabell and offers them a ride home.[60]

After eating dinner at Hime's home, Kyosuke gives his finding on the Nanagou. Kyosuke reveals that there is no evidence that Enjin is actually related to the Hiizumi Clan and the notes left by them state otherwise. Kotoha is skeptical beliving Enjin simply could have been born after the other members of the clan finalized their family tree. The group ask Yae if there is she was able to see the sacrificing of the branch family which see denies having not been born at the time. Tomoe reveals that she was present to witness the event and offers to show them.[60] Tomoe shows them the events of the past from her perspective from which they see Oushyuu Hiizumi tuning the Hiizumi branch family with a devious grin before tuning himself. The group are knocked unconscious by Enjin's mind interference. All in the group wake except Akina who Hime has rest on her lap which Kotoha, Iruka, Ao and Touka tease Hime about. Kotoha and Ao find it strange that Touka would not be jealous being Hime's romantic rival when Touka gets an email from Murasaki and they realize what happened. Tomoe packs her things and bids farewell. Hime finds the resolve to stop the blooming of the Nanagou and announces her plans to be mayor until she is sixty which Kotoha tells her is too long.[61]

Blue Sky

At some point in time, Kotoha told Iruka that she needed to wear the clothes she wore while possessed during her inspection and asks Ao to take picture. Noriko later revealed to Iruka it was a lie. After Ao is fnished her checkup Kotoha tells her to go to Yae's place. Noriko calls Kotoha, Akina and Hime over to discuss the results of Ao's inspection and revelas Ao has overused her powers and is close to slipping.[62] Noriko tells the group the only to solve the problem is to have Ao refrain from using her ability just as they have Akina to refrain from tuning. Kotoha suggest Yae making restraints for Ao which Noriko states would not sovle the problem since Ao still has to make the active choice of choosing not to use her power. Noriko leaves and has the three decide for themselves on how to break the news to Ao. In the office the discuss Ao's problem. Hime mentions it being not long ago that Ao hated using her powers. The group come to the conclusion they would be unable to stop Ao from using her powers since she is determined to use them to help everyone. Ao returns and Kotoha decides to be the one to tell Ao.[63]

Kotoha speaks with Ao on the roof on the building where Ao reveals she suspected such a thing would occur. Ao reveals she can sometimes see very faintly the otherworld. Kotoha states that all their efforts would be for nothing if Ao was not with them in the end. Ao tells Kotoha she will refrain from using her power so she will not have to worry. Kotoha tells Ao that will not hide anything from her or lie so that Ao will not have to use her powers on her. Ao states Kotoha has not told a lie for a very long time. After their conversation finishes, Hime, Akina, Kyosuke and Touka join them, Hime inviting the two to her place to eat, Iruka having made too much dinner. The group put their hands together and make their resolute vows to succeed without losing anyone.[63]



Yōkai Detection: As a hanyou, Kotoha is able to differentiate yōkai and humans. Kotoha is able to detect other hanyou within a general area, though not being able to pinpoint the exact target as seen with Doujigiri Yasutsuna and Iruka Kujouin, where she was unable to identify the blade as a hanyou separate from Iruka who is human.


Kotoha Abilitie

Kotoha using her Kotodama ability

Kotodama (言霊, Kotodama): Kotoha's hanyou ability, allowing her to manifest various items and forces through the power of speech. Kotodama is performed by inciting words and poking her tongue out. Using Kotodama results in a slight release of energy and can tire Kotoha out if overused in a short period of time. Simple concepts and items can be manifested through a single world. More complicated items require an incantation describing the material and function of the item.
  • Shortcut (ショートカット, Shōtokatto): Kotoha is capable of storing more complicated items as dictionary entries, by reciting an incantation or licking the object the desired object to remember its taste. This allows her to create complicated items without having to perform a long incatation.
    • Stored Items
      • Bandaid
      • Microphone
      • Grenade
      • German Army FLAK 36 88 mm Cannon
  • Folklore (フォークロア, Fōkuroa): Folklore allows Kotoha to summon various fictional items and characters she is familiar with.


Ao Nanami

Hime Yarizakura

Akina Hiizumi

Touka Kishi

Appearances in Other Media

TripleMonsters Kotoha 0926 arena img02
  • Kotoha appears in Bushiroad's mobile trading card game Triple MonsterS as part of Yozakura Quartet event which took place between September 26, 2018 to October 10, 2018. Kotoha can be obtained as a card as part of an arena reward during the event. The artwork for her is from the poster which came with the DVD/Blu-ray of Hana no Uta volume 3.



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