Hime Yarizakura (槍桜 ヒメ, Yarizakura Hime) is a dragon yōkai and the mayor of Sakurashinmachi. As mayor she works together with the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office. She is the main protagonist in the Yozakura Quartet series.


Hime Hana no Uta
Hime is a female teenager who stands at 161cm , which is probably 5'3". Hime also has light skin and a pair of red eyes, along with dark brown hair that reaches her lower back and falls in strands at the sides of her face. Hime keeps her long hair in a low ponytail with a large white bow.

Hime wears a very long scarf with both ends extending to the ground. The scarf consists of two orange stripes across the top and bottom of the scarf and a large black stripe down the middle. Though Hime may wear many different sets of clothes, she is often seen with her scarf.  

Hime's winter uniform consists of a black, long-sleeved vest and a short grey skirt. The vest is buttoned and worn over her white shirt that has a green bow around her neck, which is covered by her scarf. Her legs are covered by black stockings with a line of orange at the top. She wears black boots that almost reach her knees.

Hime's summer uniform consist of a yellow sweater with no sleeve worn over a white short sleeved shirt. She retains the skirt, stockings, boots, and green tie from her winter uniform.

When in combat training, Hime wears a white kimono.

Her swimsuit consist of a two piece bikini held to gether by knots, with a frilled top piece.


Most of Hime beliefs stem from her grandmothers teachings. Hime is very devoted to her town and the people that inhabit it and goes to great efforts to ensure that the citizens enjoy living in Sakurashinmachi. She is very kind and forgiving, allowing many of her previous enemies to live in the town and refrains from killing. Hime will often put the needs of the town and its citizens before the needs of her own.

At times Hime can behave childish, crying for food and being too stubborn to backdown from her position. Despite this, Hime does acknowledge the mistakes she makes and does her best to resolve them.

Hime has a romantic interest in Akina and has kept the scarf he made for her when they were children, at all times since then. When she believed Akina by Enjin she was prepared to kill Enjin in retaliation going against her policy of no killing.


Hime was trained by her grandmother Machi Yarizakura in the ways of combat and how to act as mayor. At some point in time Hime was given a pair of good luck charms by her grandmother.

As a child, Hime had her youkai powers sealed away by Yae resulting in a large scar across the front of her neck. This upset Hime much and caused her to wonder about town crying. Akina, seeing Hime upset decided to knit a scarf for her so that she could hide her scar. Upon giving the scarf to Hime, Akina realized he had made it too long insisted on remaking it, but Hime insisted on keeping it it the way it is. Hime would grow to cherish the scarf as a gift from Akina and wear it where ever she went.[1]

When Juli first arrived in Sakurashinmachi, Machi introduced her to Hime as older sister. Since then Juli has taken care of Hime, acting as her big sister.[2]

Hime and Juli meet the Kishi siblings
At some point in time Hime travelled with Juli to Okayama via train to find and help Kyosuke and Touka Kishi. Hime chased the siblings through the forest trying to tell them she means no harm. Kyosuke refused to listen and continued to run through the forest dragging his sister by the hand. Hime saw this hurting Touka and was able to catch Kyosuke and slap him. Hime chastised Kyosuke for doing more harm to his sister instead of protecting her and tells Kyosuke that in order to learn to protect others is to be protected by others. Hime offers the siblings a chance to live in Sakurashinmachi where they will be protected.[3]

When Hime invited Touka and Kyosuke to live at her residence with her grandmother, Akina came to greet them and shook Touka's hand. Hime saw this and grabbed Akina's other hand in jealousy greeting him despite being already acquainted.[4]

After her grandmother was tuned, Hime became mayor at the age of nine and had Yae seal the memories of the townspeople about her being a youkai, so that she could view situations from both human and youkai perspectives.

While playing with her friends outside, Hime watched Kotoha reading by herself in the office. After Kotoha fell Hime told Makiharu that she would become friends with her and wanted to help her. Kotoha was exorcised by Makiharu with the help of Jinroku Yotsuya and Usuzumi Iyo though the aftermath of the battle would cause Touka to resent Kotoha for injuring Kyosuke. Upset at being unable to befriend Kotoha without upsetting Touka, Kyosuke convinced Touka that Kotoha was not to blame for what happened. Ao invited Kotoha to play with them and they became friends.[5]

Two years ago Yuhi and Mariabell brought Rin Azuma to Hime for Hime to help her move into town.Though initially reserved, Rin eventually opened up to Hime with the help of her friends and arranged a home for her.[6] [7]

Near their current age, Kyosuke discussed with Hime about being her mayoral assistant. Hime told Kyosuke that she does not need an assistant and recommended that he go to college. Kyosuke refused and insisted on becoming her assistant.[3]


Hime, Kyosuke, Kotoha and Ao head to the Hiizumi Life Counselling Office to discuss with Akina the recent crimes involving Kōsuke Yoshimura. After having a discussion and food Hime, Akina, Kotoha and Ao head off to deal with the criminal upon seeing him on tv assaulting Juli. The group are able to safely defeat Kōsuke and head home.[8]

Hime teaches a group of preschoolers how to sing the Town song. Hime explains to her friends that she had a preschool built and plans to have the children make a cd of the town song but is having trouble with a child named Junta who is too depressed to participate. Due to being low on staff, Hime has Ao, Kyosuke, Akina and Rin look after the children the next day. The next day Hime discusses Junta's troubles and Hime suggest Ao use her mind reading powers to solve them.[9] Ao refuses and the she and Hime get into and argument resulting in Ao running off. Later Ao returns to the office having figured out the source of Junta's troubles. Hime is able to convince Junta's father's boss to cancel his job transfer, allowing Junta to see his father again. Akina, Kyosuke, Kotoha and Hime go to see Ao and Hime apologizes to Ao.[10]

Hime receives a dog named stray Silver from Shidou Mizuki and takes it into her care. Seeing the dog to be upset, Hime gives it part of a pair of amulets, which belonged to her grandmother. Hime gives Silver Machi's set while on its collar while she wear hears as a necklace. A month later, Hime still caring for Silver, brings it into the office one day. Silver immediately begins to cause a disturbance. Akina tells Hime to stop spoiling the dog buy Hime refuses. Later while Akina sleeps on the couch, Silver bites Akina prompting Hime to slap Silver and finally discipline him. Silver leaves upset walking out into the rain. Later a bolt of lighting is heard prompting Hime, Akina and Ao and Kotoha to rush out to check on the situation. The group is attacked by Silver who has gained an unatural increase in speed and power. Hime is able to catch Silver using her lacrosse stick, but Silver falls, transforming it into a large beast. As Silver and Hime clash, Silver is reminded of the when Hime gave it one of her grandmother’s luck amulets as part of a set, which she placed on Silver collar and the other part on her own necklace. Upon seeing Hime’s charm on her necklace, Silver calms down allowing Hime the opportunity to gain the upper hand. Silver is defeated and tuned completely by Akina. Later Hime rewards Akina, Ao and Kotoha with food for helping out during the incident. Hime tells the group if she were to ever fall, to kill her her without hesitation. The two charms Hime have now been attached to her lacrosse stick along side a miniature dog figure.[11]

Hime and Kyosuke spar when Ao and Kotoha pass them by. Having just defeated Kyosuke, Hime asks Kotoha to spar with her instead. As Kotoha and Hime continue spar, Hime accidentally destroys Kotoha’s ticket to Germany. Angered, Kotoha begins to fight more seriously, summoning a German Army-Made Flak 36 88mm Cannon. She fires a shot destroying a miniature elephant shaped slide in the background. Ao and Akina stop Kotoha from doing anymore damage as children are in the area. Kotoha regains her senses and is berated by Akina before she apologizes to the children. Kotoha laments her lost trip to Germany which she would have used to visit Koblenz Museum of Military Technology. Hime mentions a karaoke tournament later that night with the first prize being a trip to Germany. Kotoha’s delight is short lived as she soon realized she had lost her voice from the duel.[12]

Making Progress

Mayor Meeting
Hime makes as commotion about being hungry, prompting Akina telling Kyosuke to get some food for her, to which Kyosuke replies she had already ate two hours ago. Akina yells at Hime, Kotoha and Ao for slacking off and tells them they will be helping him clean the office the next day. Kyosuke tells Akina that, Hime has a business trip to the ward conference and will be unable to come. Kotoha tells Akina that she was able to re-issue her ticket to Germany and would be leaving, and Ao responds saying she has the day off, leaving Akina responsible for cleaning.[13] At the ward meeting, Mariabell reads out loud a message from the Ward mayor Yuhi Shinatsuhiko as to why he is unable to attend. Kazuyoshi Morino begins to complain, which Hime responds by telling him to be quiet. Morino continues to complain about the ward mayors behaviour, the fact that Hime being a high school girl is mayor, and that a nine year old was attempting to run against him as mayor as well. Hime tells Morino that he will definitely lose the election to the nine year old.[14]

Thorny Path

Pool Party
At the park, Akina makes speech for the office party, but notes the large number of guest at the party. Mina offers the group a beverage in a glass bottle. The group take some believing to be only water but she reveals it is actual sake containing alcohol. The group spit out the drink and Mina yells at them for wasting the drink. Hime, Kotoha, Ao and Kyosuke begin to act intoxicated. Hime starts consuming a large amount of eggs while crying while Kyosuke passes out alongside Akina. Kotoha asks Hime about her status with Akina, though Hime simply continues eating eggs in large amounts. Kotoha questions Hime's outfit asking why she is not wearing her summer clothes. Hime drunkenly explains that she just washed all her summer clothes. Kotoha states she wants to see Hime in Juli's nurse outfit, and how she would like one for herself as well. Juli lends Hime her nurse outfit, while Mariabell provides one for Kotoha. In excitement Kotoha uses her Kotodama to create a microphone and begins to sing. After the party ends, Hime is passed out along with Kotoha and Ao.[15]
Kohime's Message

At Hime’s residence, Kyosuke lectures Hime her of her predecessor's instructions only to realize Hime is sleeping. Hime wakes up and blames Kyosuke for making her fall asleep. As Hime practices, she performs various combat moves up to her final move in which she spins put of control, becoming dizzy and falling to the ground. Kyosuke suggest that move was incorrect, but Hime insists otherwise. Hime glances over to a spear displayed on the wall, which she believes to be the dragon spear, which has been inherited from previous generations as proof of being mayor. As Hime goes to grab it, Kyosuke stops her, stating it is only to be used in emergencies. Hime remembers what her grandmother had taught her in the past and contemplates if her grandmother was referring to the dragon spear when she said be beloved by the dragon. As Kyosuke begins to speak he is interrupted by an arrow with a paper message attached, shot from outside by a person from a tree, the arrow flying right by Kyosuke’s face. Hime reads the message and tells Kyosuke to prepare. Hime and Kyosuke arrive at the office where Akina and Kotoha comment on Hime’s summer uniform. Akina mention Hime’s scarf asking would it not be better to take it due to the heat. Hime does not respond, but protectively grabs her scarf instead, leaving Akina confused. Hime shows them the message she received which Akina and Kotoha recognize the sender being Kohime Sakurano, who bursts through the door hitting Kyosuke on the way in. Kohime greets everyone and Hime explains that Kohime is running for mayor in the neighbouring town. Kohime tells them that she is nine, being the same age as Hime when she became mayor, and asks Hime to train her which Hime accepts. Kohime sits on Hime’s shoulders as the two leave to patrol.[16]

Hime and Kohime at Jinroku's Shop

As Hime and Kohime walk around town, Kohime is recognized by several people who being giving food to the pair, throwing the food directly into their mouths and cheer her to do her best just as her predecessor did. As the two continue walking, Kohime begins looking through a ceramic store at a bowl. Hime recognizes the store as Jinroku Yotsuya’s ceramic store, and tells Kohime they’re leaving. Jinroku comes out from the store then pulls a switch which activates a large crane that picks up Kohime. Jinroku then begins yelling at the two telling the that window shopping is not allowed and to leave immediately. As Hime and Jinroku yell at each other, Jinroku is hit on the head with a paper fan by his wife, Kiku Yotsuya who catches Kohime from the crane. Kiku berates Jinroku for picking on children, and Jinroku warns them not to break any of his art, mentioning the bowl Kohime had seen previously is not for sale. As Hime goes to get a closer look at the bowl, Jinroku activates another device from his portable switch, launching a boxing glove near Hime. Jinroku tells Hime that it is not for ill-mannered people to touch and begins to criticize Hime’s behaviour as mayor. Jinroku continues, stating Hime is nothing like her grandmother and that he will not accept her as mayor. Kiku hits Jinroku on the head again with her fan, and tells Jinroku to go back inside. Hime is saddened, and contemplates how all the towns people continually mention the previous generation when evaluating her as mayor. Kohime hops back onto Hime’s shoulders and tells her to continue with their patrols.[16]

Kohime Party
At Hime's residence, Kohime makes a speech to thank everyone for throwing her a welcome party and says she will do her best in the upcoming election while the group reenact the drunk mess at the previous party. Once everyone is asleep Akina sits on the porch outside with Ao asleep on his lap. Hime asks Akina if he is ok, and Akina apologizes for making a mess, to which Hime replies it being ok since Kohime was their guest. Hime tells Akina of how Kohime reminds her of when she first became mayor and wonders if she is doing so properly. Akina assures Himes that he and everyone else enjoy living in the town. Hime begins to cheer up, stating there are still a lot of things for her to do and that the town will be a good place to live in a year or two. The phrase a year or two cause Akina’s face to become serious. Hime inquires what it is about, and Akina tells her about the blooming of the Nanagou. This surprises Hime causing her to wake up the others. Hime questions why this is happening. Akina explains the origin of the Nanagou which he claims were brought about by when Enyou Hiizumi was tuned by Oushyuu Hiizumi in order to calculate accurate coordinates of the other world, and that the Nanagou were sent back as a result. Hime continues questioning Akina asking what is going to happen when they bloom. Kyosuke explains the two world will become one causing the youkai from the other world to overflow into theirs. Kotoha elaborates stating this could cause adverse effects on the living youkai in their dimensions as a result of the two dimension growing in density. Hime is shocked, and ask why she was the only one who did not know. Akina replies stating it was because she is not a youkai, and how he thought he should tell all the youkai residents first. Hime counteracts Akina argument stating as the mayor she should know. Akina replies telling her that he did not want to give her additional problems to worry over.[17]
Hime affected anti-youkai barrier

The door bell rings, prompting Ao and Touka to go respond to it. Hime, Akina and Kyosuke arrive to see a large lizard creature attacking them. Kyosuke tells Hime that the use of the “dragon spear” is permitted in such a situation. The creature thrashes through the building as Hime grabs her spear form the wall. Hime attacks the creature, but as she enters the final stage of her attack, she spins out of control and becomes disorientated. Morino, Eiji Shinozuka, and the tall old man enter the broken building, with Eiji carrying Kohime. The old man remarks how Hime has not yet mastered the dragon's spear activates and “Anti-Youkai Barrier” causing Hime, Touka, Ao and Kyosuke to fall to the ground. The man explains the how the device works as Akina and Kotoha turn to see Hime reacting to the device and are shocked at the realization that Hime is a youkai as well.[17] Hime struggles to get up, telling them she will explain later and grabs hers spear and launches an attack at the creature. The creature launches an attack at Hime which she blocks with her spear, breaking it in the process. Hime is sent crashing through a wall to the outside and is caught by Kiku. Hime tells them to get away from the area. The creature launches another attack behind Jinroku, which Hime blocks. Hime blocks another attack from the creature before being sent crashing through a wall. The creature approaches Hime but is blocked by a sign created by Kotoha. Akina and Kotoha rush to Hime and help her get up. The old man signals to the creature to stop attacking. Hime demands that they return Kohime, which the old man offers two conditions for her return. The conditions being that Kohime withdraw from the election, and the mayorship of Sakurashinmachi be given over to him. Him, Morino and Eiji leave with Kohime, stating they will have until tonight to respond, and that they will be waiting at Chuuou Street. Yae arrives from the rooftops as Akina asks Hime why she had kept it a secret she was a youkai. Yae draws her sword “Spring Swiftness” vertically into the air weakening the barrier and returning the the memories of the townspeople which she sealed six years ago. Akina regains his memories as the group gather around Hime. Hime tells Akina that he always tried to do everything by himself, and the she would too because she loved that about him. She then begins to break down into tears, saying she cannot do it by herself this time, pleading Akina to save Kohime and the town. Juli arrives wrapping Hime up in bandages and tossing her onto a stretcher into the back of an ambulance. Juli tells them that she will take care of Hime and that they do what they need to.[1]

Hime's gifts

Juli feeds Hime onigiris as she sleeps and cries simultaneously. Hime wakes up in the hospital bed, recalling the words of her grandmother. Juli tells Hime she should stay in bed and tells her that the citizens have been evacuated and offers her some milk. Hime asks what Juli what she should do and wonders if she should stop being mayor, believing she had caused trouble for everyone and broke the dragon spear. Hime then notices a Hidagyu doll on her bed and notices a large assortment of various objects beside her bed, including a tape recording of the town song from Junta. Juli explains they are gifts from the townspeople, who all came to visit before they evacuated and that they love Hime. Hime rubs her eyes and begins to leave to protect the town, but is stopped by Juli. Juli tells Hime to wait at least one more hour and tells leave the situation to Akina and the others. Hime conforms and retreats beneath her bed sheets.[18]

Hime unlock Dragon Spear

After Juli falls asleep, Hime escapes to help in the battle. As Eiji to finish off Akina, Hime arrives playing music from the rooftops. Akina tells Hime that she is too injured to which Hime responds saying she got better. Morino yells at Hime to not get involved and to shut off the music. Hime shuts of the music playing from a radio and jumps down from the roof landing on her back. Hime notices Kyosuke who is injured and unconscious and gets up and states that she will teach them some manners. She picks up a stop sign laying on the floor and rushes to attack, breaking EIji's guard. As Hime prepares another attack, she is stopped by the large creature which grabs the sign from behind. The creature attacks her launching her into a building but is caught by Akina who reduce the impact. The creature launches another attack at Akina and Hime but stopped by Kyosuke who blocks it with one hand and proceeds to single handedly lift the creature and crash it into the ground.[3] Kyosuke pulls out a napkin from his chest-pocket, giving it to Hime and another to Akina as well. He then pulls out an onigiri, handing it to Hime to eat and tells Hime to straighten up. The old man pulls out a container containing several lizards and transforms them. Hime and Kyosuke proceed to take care of the new enemies. Kyosuke tells Akina to stay back and that he has overused his powers enough. Akina tells the two he feels useless. Hime tells Akina that he is better suited to cooking and cleaning and the food he cooks is delicious. Akina grabs Hime’s scarf to inspect and tells Hime that once the problem is over that he will fix and clean the scarf for her. Kyosuke and Hime defeat the current set of enemies, but the old man pulls creates more. Hime notices Jinroku on the roof using his device. A large crane appears and hits knocks enlarged lizards. Kiku, Jinroku and Akina are on the roof as Jinroku gloats about his device. Hime asks why they had not evacuated and Jinroku replies saying he has no choice but to protect himself. The creatures attack the shop, only to have Hime block all of their attacks. Jinoroku ask why Hime is going to such lengths to protect the shop to which she replies it the mayor’s duty to protect the town. Jinroku notices Himes scarf is taking damage and ask is it not something she treasure. Hime tells Jinroku she prioritizes the town before her scarf but then begins to cry. Jinroku then pushes a button on his device, causing his shop to self destruct. Jinroku tells Hime because she had their memories sealed he had forgotten something important left in his care. Hime begins to feel a surge of power as a large crack crossing the ruins of the store begins to emanate light. Jinroku tells Hime that this is the power of the earth that flows underground known as the earth pulse or Dragon Pulse and that it was left in his care by Hime’s grandmother. From the light, Hime manifests a spear made of energy, the real Dragon Spear. Hime begins to attack the large creature, and performs the final stage of her attack successfully, defeating the rest of the creatures.[19]

Hostage Kohime

The old man orders Eiji and Morino to bring out Kohime. The old man transforms his last lizard into which then begins to attack Hime. Hime attacks the but is intercepted by Eiji. Eiji is caught off-guard by Kyosuke who grabs Eiji's face and pushes him away. While the old man is distracted Akina attempts to take Kohime from his grasps but the old man vanishes and reappear on the roof. Hime notices that the old man's movement was not high speed travel nor was it teleportation but is unable to determine what it is. The old begins to dangle Kohime over the mouth of the lizard. Morino then begins to yell stating this was not the deal and that the child would be returned safely to which the man replies the plans changed and tells Morino that he will not get re-elected otherwise. Hime begins to chastise Morino for use a child as a shield to protect his position and state she hate him, which Morino is unable to respond and begins to walk up the staircase of the building. The old man drops Kohime but is caught by Morino who uses his back and legs to prevent the lizard from shutting its mouth on them. Morino states he would gladly hand mayorship over to a more suitable individual but Kohime is still too and that in order to learn to protect they must be protected, and states he will protect Kohime. Hime recognizes Morino’s words as her grandmother's teachings. As Morino begins to weaken against the monster, Eiji grabs Morino and saves him from falling, tossing him and Kohime away but is swallowed himself. Akina catches Kohime while Kyosuke catches Morino. Morino then calls out to Eiji and begs Hime to rescue him when he does not respond. Hime contemplates how she will go about rescuing Eiji but is interrupted when Kotoha appears from the sky delivering a kick to the creature, knocking it unconscious. Kotoha is able to rescue Eiji from the creature which is then tuned by Akina.[20]

Group meet Enjin
The old man taunts Akina about overusing his power while referring to him in his full name. Hime questions how the man aware of such. Ao wakes up in the back of the police vehicle and tells the group that she is unable to read the man's mind. The man removes his disguise revealing the body of Gin Nanami. Ao reads his mind she finds it is a completely different person. Akina explains that the power of falling can only be done with the Hiizumi Clan’s power. The man puts on a pair of glasses and reveals himself to be Enjin Hiizumi a descendant of Enyou Hiizumi.[20] Hime is confused about the situation believing Gin to have left on a journey. Akina explains that he, his grandfather and Gin were working to stop the fusion of the two dimensions and that Gin wanted to go to the otherside to establish a connection with Enyou’s descendant so Akina tuned Gin himself. Enjin laughs and tells Akina that the branch family was forcefully tuned as sacrifices and the Nanagou were created in an act of revenge. Enjin tells Akina that he will need Akina’s body in order to obtain the power to accelerate the blooming of the Nanagou. Hime questions Enjin on what he means and Enjin explains that he will force Akina’s soul to leave his body, revealing a scar on his body which he uses as an example. Enjin begins to explain his Satori powers creating an illusion of Hime's Dragon Spear as an example. Enjin swings his dragon spear around hitting Akina in the chest. Being an illusion no damage was inflicted, but as Enjin gets closer to Akina he reveals that he was wielding a box cutter knife hidden by his illusion. Enjin stabs Akina in the gut and Akina collapses, shocking Touka, Kyosuke, Hime, Kotoha and Shidou. In burst of rage the group suddenly begin to attack Enjin with lethal force. Hime prepares to kill Enjin but her attack is stopped by Shidou who redirects Hime’s dragon spear and grabs Enjin by the neck. Hime tells Shidou to get out of her way and that she is going to kill Enjin, while Shidou tells her to stop.[21]
Thorny Path End

A loud clap is caused by Yuhi who arrives along with Mariabell, and tells them the break it up. By the time Hime and Shidou can return their attention to Enjin he had already disappeared to the rooftops. Hime realizes that Enjin really was using teleportation before and was using an illusion to mask it. Enjin bids farewell and tells Akina not to sleep forever. The group turn their attention towards Akina who wakes up and pulls out the Hime-memo revealing it had block the attack. Akina turns towards Hime who is on the verge of tears, but is covered up by Kotoha who uses Hime’s scarf to wrap her face. Kotoha comments how much commotion was made simply over a mayoral election. Yuuhi tells the group that Kohime cannot run for mayor and that Morino is mayor for next term as well, shocking the rest of the group. Yuuhi explains that a nine year old cannot be mayor and that Sakurashinmachi is an exception. The group collapse to the ground exhausted, with Hime collapsing on Akina’s shoulder.[21]

Hime oversees the reconstruction of of Jinroku’s ceramic store along with Jinroku. Jinroku and Kiku notice Kohime who is saddened that she has to wait another twenty years to be mayor. Jinroku pulls out the package he had saved from the store earlier. Jinroku gives his bowl to Kohime as a gift, which she accepts and thanks him for. Hime sees the bowl and says she wants one as well. Jinroku tells Hime that she does not need one.[21]

Hime operates based at the seventh Nanagou for the Nanagou Pilgrimage Stamp Rally. Rin and Akina arrive at Hime's station, Rin delivering a bowl of ramen to Hime. Hime offers Akina some since she had had two bowls. Akina apologizes for not telling Hime about the Nanagou blooming and Hime replies they are even since she kept secret she was a youkai. Hime finishes her bowl and looks towards Akina’s which she had just given him. Akina returns his bowl to Hime, telling her that he had already eaten. Akina states that all the townspeople have found out she is a youkai and wonders how they will react. Hime is excitedly approached by several children, and Hime tells Akina not much has changed. Hime asks now that Akina knows she is a youkai does it change anything. Hime and Akina’s conversation is interrupted by Mina who yells having finally reached the top of the staircase, followed by Kana, Eiji and Kyousuke. Hime greets Eiji and as he is about to apologize, offers Eiji to return to Sakurashinmachi. Hime receives a call from Kotoha and she leaves to shop for supplies for their party. Hime tells Eiji to think it over as she leaves. Later Kotoha complained about Hime buying too much food having bought six bags of ramen per person.[22]


Hime tiredly walks to school with the help of Touka and Kyosuke. The pass Ao along the way and Kyosuke parts with to the office while Touka and Hime head to school. Hime orders a ramen delivery from Rin's shop which arrives just on time as she arrives at the office. Akina recieves a phone call from the Senate interrupting her meal. Akina and Hime leave the office and heading over to the Senate, leaving Ao alone at the office.[23]

Akina and Hime meet with the Senate
Before entering the Senate building, Akina warns Hime not to lose her temper. Inside, Hime and Akina meet with Usuzumi Iyo, Shidare Morioka and Uzu Kibune. Hime contemplates that she had not been before the Senate since becoming mayor. Akina and Usumi argue abouth each other's methods. Hime attempts to speak out several times but is silence by Akina. Usuzumi reveals that they knew about thetrue origins of the Nanagou but kept it secret to Akina surprise. Usuzumi states it was because Akina would be less willing to use tuning and he should practice more telling Akina to tune Hime. Hime begins to yell but is interrupted by Akina who yells louder, smashes the bowl and threatens to tune the senate as he activates his tuning. The senate sit quietly unfazed as Hime grabs Akina and attempts to calm him. Akina calms down and tells Hime that they are leaving. Shidare stops them and brings up Akina’s previous statement about not knowing what is occurring in the other world and brings up the possibility that youkai may be happier in the otherworld. Akina replies stating that he will make the town an even better place than the otherworld then.[24]

As Akina and Hime walk home, Hime attempts to cheer Akina up. Hime notes Akina injured hand and grabs it but is moved away by Akina. Hime begins to cry and wraps her head with her her scarf. Akina looks back and apologizes and offers to get some food for the two of them. Hime and Akina arrive at the ramen restaurant to find Ao and Kotoha also eating there.[24]

Sea of Stars

Exhausted from her visit to the Senate, Hime sleepwalks on the way to school the next day, being escorted by Touka.[25]

Juli arm wrestling
At Juli's Hospital, Hime receives a checkup with Akina when Touka arrives. Juli finishes giving Hime a check up and tells her to learn how to use her powers better. Hime challenges Juli to armwrestling and Touka joins in. Juli accepts their challenge and defeats them both simultaneously. Juli explains the method she used in order to exert more strength despite being human, and tells Hime and Touka to be more diligent. Juli then begins Akina’s check up and they hold hands as and Akina begins to glow. Juli releases her hand and states they are finished. Hime and Touka begin to applaud Juri for abilities. Juli explains that any living being from their world is capable of counteracting Akina's sliding between dimensions. Hime suggest if she a yōkai would be able to do the same, but Juli states it would not work.[4]

At home, Touka enters Hime’s room and ask to sleep in her room for the night. As they rest, Touka ask Hime about the the earlier conversation concerning fixing Akina’s sliding between worlds. Hime simply states there is nothing they can do about it being youkai. Touka then ask if a youkai and human were to fall in love, would they be able to find happiness, which Hime states she does not know. Touka than states she simply wants to hold Akina’s hand and fixing the sliding is just an excuse. Hime begins to make sleeping sounds and Touka believes she has fallen asleep and follows suit, though Hime is actually still awake. The next morning, Hime and Touka rush to school believing they are late. The two crash into Akina while running, who tells them that it is a national holiday. They sit down at a bench and Akina feeds some pigeons. Hime stares at Akina’s hand contemplating that they had not held hands since they were children. Touka and Hime then stare at each other and realize they both have the same of trying to hold Akina’s hand. The two of the grab and fight over Akina’s hand while coming up with various excuses, before Akina pushes them both off of himself. Akina chastises the two and Touka mentions their conversation with Juli from the day before. Akina reiterates that it would never were since they are youkai but mention Juli also told them to learn to use their own powers. Akina tells Touka and Hime that if they learned to help using their powers more it could reduce the amount of tuning he would have to use. Touka and Hime agree but state they want to hold hands. Akina misinterprets this and puts Hime and Touka’s hands together. Hime and Touka leave to return home, leaving Akina confused.[4]

Hime Bear Head
Hime is given an old stuff bear mascot head used from previous festivals.[26] Wearing the bear head, Hime takes a peek inside Hou Houran before leaving abruptly.[25] She walks around wearing it until she is spotted by Kotoha and Ao at Yae's church. Yae is enamoured by it but denies so. Hime offers to it Yae as a gift which she immediately accepts. Back in the main hall of the church, Kotoha and Hime discuss Hime’s patrols. Kotoha mentions the crime rate for their town being low to which Mariabell adds that their town's crime rate and arrest rate are the lowest in in the Kanto region. Hime begins to grin believing it to bee due to her efforts but Kotoha states otherwise. Yuhi remembers that he was asked to notify them of a series of burglaries that have been affecting neighbouring towns. Hime states that she will strengthen her patrol and Yae begins to giggle while rolling on the floor with her bear had. Yae tells Hime that she cannot perform night patrol and that Yae herself ensure that it is difficult for people to commit crime in their town.[26]

Hime, Ao, Kotoha, Yuhi and Mariabell exit the church where they encounter Akina and Rin. Yuhi has the group go to Hou Houran where he discusses Enjin's plans and his employment of Yōkai Hunters. While discussing the group enjoy Rin's food until Yuhi mentions the possibility of a necromancer, causing Rin to drop a bowl. Hime and her group continue eating Rin's food, stating it is delicious and assuring her that they will keep her safe before heading off.[25]

The next day, Hime and Juli replace a broken sign based at a Nanagou. Rin, Ao and Kotoha pass them by and Hime about it being the work of a drunkard. Hime notices Rin to be acting dizzy and offers to walk her back home while Ao and Kotoha join them as well. The group arrive at Hou Houran where they see Akina exiting. Kotoha gives Akina a letter from the Senate about the Youkai Hunters. Akina decides to go to the Senate but Hime expresses her concern of his previous outburst there. Ao and Kotoha offer to go in their stead and quickly rush off. Hime checks on Rin who still feels sick. Okami-san notifies her of needing to make another delivery. Rin insists to Hime that she is well enough to make the delivery and she leaves. Hime wonders if it is possible for an undead person to get sick.[27]

Hime vs Zakuro
Later that night, Hime buys mochi from a stand when she and Kyosuke run into Junta and his grandmother. Junta's grandmother expresses her and the town's concern about Rin's well being and Hime assures that she will take care of her. Hime wants to buy more mochi but is short on money and Junta's grandmother offer to buy her more. A brush of wind blows by and Hime notices Rin being carried away by someone. Akina arrives informing Hime of Rin's kidnapping which Hime points still there. Hime chases after Zakuro, Akina reminding her that she no longer need to hide her youkai abilities. Hime jumps high into the air and knocks Rin's captor downward. Hime and the Youkai Hunter clash near the river, the assailant introducing herself as Zakuro Kurumaki.[28]

Hime easily overpowers Zakuro in hand to hand combat as Akina and Kyosuke catch up to them. Zakuro reveals her true capabilities as a necromancer, accelerating the death of the plants around her to control and manipulate, creating a golem out of the earth.[29] Hime and Kyosuke struggle as the battle Zakuro's golem until Hime staff breaks. Zakuro creates a second golem but Kotoha intervenes with their battles. Kotoha is able to identify Zakuro to be a hanyou like herself.[30] Zakuro taunts and agitates Kotoha calling her to the same, both being monsters. Hime has Kotoha to create her a new weapon and snaps her back to her senses. They battle until Juli arrive in her ambulance with Rin's guardians. Hime takes a break leaving Kotoha to handle Zakuro. Kotoha is able to defeat Zakuro's golems with the help of Juli and Hime catches Kotoha as she exhausts herself.[31] Hime and Zakuro prepare for their final confrontation when Rin wakes up and stops them. Rin agrees to go with Zakuro and return to their home outside town despite Hime's protests. Zakuro calms down but is struck by Enjin, becoming more fallen. Zakuro creates and army of golems and takes direct control of Kyosuke's body.[7] Hime and Akina fight Zakuro and Kyosuke. Zakuro attempts to take control of Hime body but Hime is able to resists it and urges Koysuke to do the same to no avail. Akina is able to tune Zakuro energy from Kyosuke, freeing him of her control. As the group look to do the same to Zakuro, Zakuro attempts to have Rin attack her guardians. Rin hesitates and Zakuro angrily grabs Rin as she retreats.[32]

Zakuro Conclusion
Rin regains consciousness as the group chase her and Zakuro from below. Hime yells for Rin to come back but Rin tells them to stop, stating she hate them all. Juli's ambulance crashes and Hime and Rin's guardians are too upset to continue chasing Rin. Hime and Kyosuke are left behind as Akina does not want to put up with Hime lack of resolve. Kyosuke tells Hime that Rin did not mean what she said assures Hime that everyone in the town supports her. Hime is remotivated and receives a phone call from Junta's grandmother and Jinroku who give her words of encouragement. Hime and Koysuke rush past Juli'a ambulance, Akina grabbing onto Hime's scarf. As the three rush towards Rin, Oyassan begs them to save Rin and they give him a thumbs up. Hime jumps into the air and attempts to launch Akina at Zakuro but Akina is knock to the ground. Hime and Zakuro continue fighting Zakuro as Ao's mind interference leads them towards and lift on construction building. Hime and Zakuro get on the lift which Kyosuke launches upward, hanging on from a cable. Hime distracts Zakuro by pretending to use the Dragon Spear, allowing Akina intercept them on the upper floor and exorcise Zakuro. Zakuro falls off the lift and Rin jumps after her. The group then jump after Rin and they land on an inflatable mattress created by Kotoha. Hime and Rin reconcile and Rin apologizes for her words as she cries.[33]

The next morning Hime wakes ups having overslept and completes her morning training before having lunch with Touka. Hime and Touka go to wake up Kyosuke who insists on getting more sleep. Hime goes to take a bath before heading out for patrols. Hime patrols with Touka arriving at Hou Houran where they find Zakuro getting along with new guardians alng with Kotoha and Ao. Zakuro mentions they she still needs to get permission from Hime to live in the town. Hime eats ramen as Akina arrives. Hime questions her company if they are okay with Zakuro staying, which all of them agree on. Oyassan brings Hime a second serving of foods made by Zakuro which Hime enjoys and compliments before leaving. Hime leaves behind a tip and and Zakuro's certificate of residency on the table. Hime observes the town from the rooftops as Akina questions her lack of excitement of a new resident. Yuhi signals the two down and they converse. Yuhi warns them that more people will be like Zakuro and asks Hime if will be able to them all in. After some motivational words from Akina, Hime affirms she will. Walking back with Akina, Hime tells him that Koysuke made Zakuro's preparations and Akina tells her to be more prepared.[34]


Uzu meets with Hime
Hime sneezes believing herself to have caught a cold but insists on performing patrols. Akina insists otherwise and has Ao and Kotoha escort her home by force. Along the way the pass by Touka and Mizuki. They receive Hime's house keys from Touka and Mizuki follows them.[35] Hime, Ao and Kotoha arrive at Hime's home alongside Mizuki, Midoriko Amano and Sawaki where the have Hime rest in her futon. Mizuki, Midoriko and Sawaki begin to loudly play video games which Ao yells at them for but Hime insists it to be fine. Hime gets up insisting she is not sick but Kotoha has Ao pin her down before Kotoha leaves to buy food for them. Mizuki brings up Hime's club activities playing lacrosse and converse with Ao. Midoriko states despite Hime's abilities it does not help her play better. Hime inquires about Ao not going to highschool which is briefly interrupted by their three friends fooling around. Ao explains why she does not go to highschool and expresses her worry about Hime overworking herself. Ao gets mad at Midoriko, Mizuki and Sawaki for being too loud while doing homework. The three decide to leave but come back as they escort Uzu to Hime. Uzu brings Hime some food having heard she was sick before relaying his message from the Senate. Uzu tells Hime the Senate believe she is unfit to be mayor and should resign prompting Mizuki, Midoriko and Mizuki to get mad at him. Uzu states that he is mereley delivering a message and states her personally feels that she does her great job and apologizes. Hime acepts Uzu's apology, admitting she has her faults and bids Uzu farewell.The three girls escort Uzu to the door, Mizuki telling Hime they finished her homework for her. Touka, Hime, Kyosuke, Kotoha and Kohime arrive having brought food and medicine for her. Hime and Ao continue their conversation which Hime tells Ao she is not overworking since she many people helping her including Ao.[36]

Song of Flowers

Hime walks Mina and Kana to Juli's hospital, listening to Mina's claim of sighting a ghost. They arrive at Juli's office to find her asleep on patients' bed. As Juli sleeps, Hime watches Mina her Takoyaki, jealously contemplating Juli's lack of weight gain despite eating so much. Juli wakes up and gives the twins their checkups. Hime walks the twins home when Kana spots a moving light in the sky, exclaiming it to be a ghost but it disappears before Hime see it.[2]

After dropping off the twins, Hime runs into Yuhi and Mariabell. Yuhi advises Hime to checkup on Juli occasionally even is she does not need to. Hime claims that she sees Juli as a big sister and Mairabell signals for Hime to treat her as such as well. Hime makes plans with Mariabell to go shopping over the weekend and Yuhi warns Hime to take care of Juli before leaving.[37]

Hime returns to Juli's place to find her eating. Hime asks for her post-checkup for her cold which Juli completes by simply asking a single question. Hime notices a picture of Juli's parents and the two converse about their families. Hime gets hungry and Juli decides they should go to Hime's house so she can cook for her. Kyosuke arrive with a bouquet of flowers. Hime decorates the hospital with the flowers as Juli returns primroses to Kyosuke for him to apologize to Touka with. Hime asks Juli is she has and sibling to which Juli tells her that her little sister when they were children.[37] Juli explains her past with her sister but assures Hime that she does not feel lonely with all people in town. Kyosuke informs Hime about a call from Akina about a ghost. Hime remember to turn on her cell phone and Koysuke leave to patrol before heading home. Hime asks Juli if she would like to meet her sister again if given the chance which Juli denies. Hime expresses her confusion to Juli's answer when they are suddenly detained by shadowy arms emerging from walls and ceilings. Lila phases through the wall, landing on top of her Juli as she greets her sister.[38]

Hime trapped by Lila
Hime is confused but tells Juli that she should be happy that her sister is alive. Juli remains silent prompting Lila to manifest an iron container around Hime. With the snap of a finger, Lila causes the roof to vanish and prepares to perform a magic trick. A large sword positions itself above them and Lila prepare to launch it downwards. Lila asks Juli if she happy to see her to no reply angering Lila. Juli cries for Lila to stop and the sword stops just short of Hime's face. Lila repeats her question still to no response. Lila comments on their past and how Hime acts as her little sister in her place now. Lila mentions being informed by Enjin leading Hime to come to the conclusion that she is a hanyou. Lila puts a blade to Hime's throat as she monologues.[39] Lila refers to herself as a magician, manifesting three blades in the air and sending them flying towards Kotoha and Ao who just arrived, narrowly dodging them. More blades are sent towards Kotoha which are blocked by Zakuro's golem arriving on the scene. Ao sets Hime free as Lila battles with Kotoha and Zakuro. As Zakuro prepares for a counter attack Juli shouts for them to stop, informing them that it is her little sister. Lila grows annoyed and causes the walls of the building to fall outward as if they stage props. Lila knocks Kotoha outside as she causes their floor to fly away while Hime hides under the bed. Hime and Lila face off as Hime exclaims they have no reason to fight. Lila explains her plan to have Juli fall and become a magician before knocking Hime off the platform. As Hime falls she exclaims that she does not understand Juli's reasoning. Lila is shocked by Noriko Shiina from afar causing the platform to fall. Hime is caught by Kotoha flying on Lila's broom and catches the platform single-handedly. Hime tells Juli she is to blame and Juli apologizes to Lila and the sibling reconcile. Enjin prepares to have Lila fall but is attack is intercepted.[40] Hime is unable to hold platform and it sent flying. As Kotoha and Hime chase after it Uzu tosses Akina towards them to catch. The platform is caught by Kyosuke and Touka. On the ground Juli and Lila help reverse Akina's sliding. Akina rests on Hime's lap as she laments in inability to do the same.[41]
Hime and Akina hold Hands

The next day at Juli's place, Hime sees Lila mumbling to herself about Juli in her sleep. Juli performs a checkup on Hime before heading over to Akina who is upset. Juli tells Akina to cheer up stating he needs to smile in front of girls. Akina looks over to Hime who begins to hide her face with her scarf. Akina cheers himself up before him and Juli hold hands to reverse his sliding. Hime watches and again laments her inability to do the same. After they finish, Akina hold shakes hands with Hime, Akina congratulating Hime on doing a good job at protecting the city. Akina leaves and Hime attempts to hide joy face of joy from Juli before she rushes off for school. Hime rushes to school passing by and greeting, Ao, Kotoha and Kyosuke. Hime greets Mizuki, Sawaki and Midoriko from across a crosswalk before she is picked up by Lila offering her and lift her flying broom.[42]


Midoriko, Mizuki and Sawaki greet Hime from across a crosswalk, Midoriko informing her of their classroom cleanup duty.[43]

The Coming Summer

Hime jots down various note in her memo as she as Kyosuke patrol the town. As they patrol they encounter Shidou helping an old woman lift her trolley over the sidewalk and decide to help as well. Hime makes a note to improve the sidewalks. Mina invites the two to go swimming at the park with them but they decline. The old lady gives Hime a lottery ticket as thanks for helping her. Kyosuke insists it is not needed but Hime graciously accepts it. Shidou tells Kyosuke that it was not a gift to her as a the Mayor but a personal gift which Hime agrees with. Shidou and Mina part ways with the two. Hime and Kyosuke spot Lila and Juli flying above them. Kyosuke comments on being able to fly easing their patrols which Hime denies stating they are unable to see the people if they are above them which Kyosuke agrees. Yuhi and Marriabell arrive with snacks and Yuhi commenting on another saying the same. Yuhi and Hime snack as they converse over the legitimacy of Hime's statement. Yuhi challenges Hime to get more lottery tickets to prove that she is loved by the people. Hime accepts Yuhi's challenge to Kyosuke's bewilderment.[44]

Hime Patrols

Hime and Kyosuke patrol as children play with around Hime with her scarf. Hime spots the Senate's van and rushes to it before it suddenly comes to a stop. Shidare greets Hime and asks her to apologize to Shidou, Juli and Akina for him. Hime agrees and Noriko offers her a lottery ticket as thanks but Hime refuses since she had not actually earned it yet. The Senate drive off and Kyosuke express his skepticism for Yuhi's challenge but Hime believes it to be a good opportunity to affirm she is accepted by the citizens. The two run into Rin who asks about Zakuro's whereabouts. Kyosuke remembers that they are at the park for the Senates checkup on new citizens. Rin holds a lottery ticket she got from a delivery. Hime wants to take it but resists since she did not actually help Rin to earn it. Rin heads off and the two run into Midoriko with two large crates of beer. Kyosuke sees it as a good opportunity to help someone out but she and Hime quickly remind him that being a youkai, Midoriko possess great strength as well. Kyosuke asks about the lottery ticket which Midoriko reveals she has. Hime asks Midoriko is she needed any help which she denies. The two leave and continue patrolling the town, unable to acquire anymore lottery tickets. Kyosuke tells Hime that the challenge is a useless endeavour since no one needing help is a sign she has done her job well which Hime agrees. Yuhi arrives and Hime informs him of their results. Yuhi calls theri game a draw and gives her a ticket as a rewards. Yuhi tells Hime that the phrase she used was that of her grandmother's before leaving. Touak arrives with groceries and reveals that she was given a bunch of lottery tickets and told to give them to Hime. Hime is overjoyed and they celebrate buy using their tickets at the booth. Hime spins the roulette and continually earns five servings of fresh noodles to Kyosuke and Touka's shock.[44] Kotoha and Ao arrive and Kotoha discusses Akina's conversation with Shidare where Hime agrees with Akina's perspective on trying to get everyone to be happy. Touka has Ao spin the roulette and she wins the grand prize trip to Hakone.[45]

Crying in the Moonlight

At the office Ao and Kototha discuss their trip to Hakone with everyone. Hime is upset that her duties as mayor stop her from going. Kotoha and Ao nudge Kyosuke and he tells Hime that he will adjust her schedule for it and Hime cheers. Shidou assures Hime that the town will safe in her absence and checks the weather for their vacation.[46] On the day of their trip, Hime, Touka, Kyosuke and Akina wait for Ao and Kotoha when Mina and Kana pass them by. Mina comments on Shidou failing to pick them up for kindergarten and Hime express her excitement for the trip. Shidou arrive in his cruiser and drops off a bag of luggage from Yae to Akina. Ao and Kotoha arrive and the group depart.[47]

Lift Ride

In the ski-lift, Hime cowers from her fear of heights which Akina notes to be absurd given how high she jumps all the times. Kotoha comforts Hime as she inquires about Akina's bag. Akina opens the bag of luggage from Yae to find Yae herself inside. Arriving at Owakudani Valley the group walk around taking in the sights. They stop by a store selling Owakudani's signature Kuro-Tamgao. Kotoha reads from Touka's travel guide stating that eating an egg will expand one lifespan by seven years. Kyosuke buys several boxes of them for the group and begins feeding them to Hime, attempting to expand her life by seventy years. Hime suggests they hurry to the inn for the hot-springs since they come back later. Yae leads the group through a forested area to a small inn located in the forest. Yae and Tomoe greet and Tomoe welcomes the group in. After resting in the hot-springs and changing clothes, the group enjoy their dinner, Hime overanalyzing Tomoe's noodles as she eats. After dinner Tomoe shows them to an area where they can play ping-pong. Hime plays against Touka and their game goes very slow despite Hime's efforts. Kotoha receives an phone call and suddenly yells. Kyosuke plays pingpong against Akina, Kotoha and Ao, defeating them all easily. Tomoe challenges Kyosuke to a game and he decline, Tomoe then challenging him to sparring match with shinai. Touka suggests it is dangerous for his brother to be fighting a little girl but Hime tells Touka to wait. Tomoe transforms into her adult form, gaining the upper hand on Kyosuke. Yae tells the group that Tomoe is a god around 1200 years old. Tomoe and Kyosuke converse about Kyosuke being to concerned about the fate of the world and had Kyosuke promise to return the next year.[46]

Hime's Birthday

At five in the morning, the group take a soak in the hotsprings catching the sunrise. Hime prays for more peaceful day but Ao tells Hime she should be doing that at New years. After having breakfast the group pack their things to leave. Tomoe leads them as their tour guide showing them to them to Lake Ashi and the Hakone Shrine. Hime thinks about how two gods are the one escorting them to shrines and the group make their prayers. Tomoe leads the group up the mountain, through the forest to huge of fields of the Mototsumiya Shrine. Tomoe unpacks some food and clears skies. Hime get excited for food only to be surprised with a birthday cake as the group pop their party poppers and announce Hime a happy birthday. Hime comments on her birthday being a month ago and Kotoha tells Hime that her presents are being delivered and they were unable to celebrate before due to the incidents with Zakuro and Lila. Hime thanks them and Kotoha gives a pair of chopstick to eat the cake, confusing Hime. Hime finds that the cake is made of soba noodles which Akina and Kyosuke state they had Tomoe make for her. Hime enjoys her meal claiming it to be the best meal she ever had. The leave for home, Hime later getting Tomoe's cell phone number from Yae to text her. Hime messages Tomoe stating she will return later.[48]

Hime meets Rokkaku

Upon returning to Sakurashinmachi, the group run into Mina and Kana, Mina riding their new canine companion Rokkaku. Hime, Ao and Kotoha go to see the "dog", Ao and Kotoha shocked when it suddenly speaks. Nadeshiko Matsudaira and Shidou arrive and Hime thanks them for taking care of the town in her absence. Hime inquires about the new dog which Nadeshiko tells Hime will require her to register him as a resident being a hanyou. Hime thinks about it before agreeing and shakes Rokkaku paw. Hime is reminded of Silver when Kotoha and Ao jump on Hime back to cheer her up, telling her that they will be staying over at her place. Hime notices something and jumps up carrying the two. From above the three notice there to be an extra Nanagou.[49]


Before investigating the change in the Nanagou Yae has the group rest.[50] In class, Hime is too distracted thinking about the Nangou that Uzu chastise her for not paying attention. Uzu tells Hime that Noriko is going to investigate it later and tells Hime to focus on class.[51] At their lockers, Hime talks with Touka, Midoriko and Sawaki about inspecting the Nanagou. Touka tells Hime that she will bring refreshments later and Sawaki tells her that she will be home at the shrine after finishing her club activities. Hime, Touka and Midroko walk home talking about club activities and their future goals. Touka sees Kotoha in the distance and calls out to her as Hime stares.[5] Hime meets up with the group at the office before she and Ao leave to investigate the Nanagou.[51]

Hime's diagram

Hime, Ao and Rokkaku arrive at the seventh Nanagou to find that it was only split and not that they increased in number. Ao and Hime go see Sawaki who shows them to Nadeshiko investigating the Nanakao at the back of the shrine. The group converse about the Nanagou and how little they know about them. Noriko arrive with a large bag. Hime has Sawaki take her and Ao to the shrine office where they find Yae asleep. Hime has Sawaki bring a large sheet of paper which she uses to chart down the situation concerning Enjin and the Nanagou thus far. Kyosuke calls Hime relaying that nothing has changed with the first Nanagou and Hime has him and Akina check the others as well. Hime, Ao, Nadeshiko and Sawaki go over the situation and mention the only solution devised thus far to have Akina tune the Nanagou which result in him overusing his power and slip into the otherworld. Noriko assures them that such a thing will not happen as he would be unable to in the first place. Noriko mentions the Senates plan of sacrificing the youkai to help tune the Nanagou as a last resort, stating they would do so if no other solution is found. Rokkaku inquires what would happen to Hanyou such as himself and Nadeshiko tells him to ask Kotoha. The group talk about how Kotoha has changed over the years before Nadeshiko take Rokkaku the bath. As Noriko and Rokkaku bathe, Ao puts on Yae's socks. Yae wakes up embarrassed by her missing socks before falling back to sleep. Hime has Ao return Yae's socks.[52] Nadeshiko returns after washing Rokkaku, revealing his fur to be white to Hime and Ao's surprise. Hime goes over to Sawaki as she wonder what could be at the top of the Nanagou. The group discuss how they have been unable to view the top by conventional means and Hime suggest they try climbing the Nanagou.[50]

Hime at Enjou's Coffin

Hime and Ao climb up to the shimenawa of the Nanagou before being unable to climb further up. Hime having called Zakuro earlier, arrives riding her earth golem. Zakuro creates and elevator out of dirt to lift the two of them to the top. The two discuss the origins of the Nanagou before Zakuro is suddenly overcome with pain. Zakuro insists the keep going and Hime find Enjin sitting at the top of the Nanagou. Hime notices a wound on Enjin's arms and Enjin taunts her before leaving. As he leaves he tells Hime that he was visiting a grave. Hime notices a wooden lid near the centre and Zakuro warns her about feeling death in the area as she struggles to stay up. Hime calls Akina and tells him of her findings. Hime takes a closer look and find the name Enjou Hiizumi engraved on it. Hime is shaken in fear and tells Akina she is cannot to open it.[52] Zakuro is suddenly cured of her ailment and she brings Akina, Kyosuke, Ao and Kotoha up the elevator. Kyosuke and Akina wearing his grandfather's kimono prepares to open the coffin as the three girls watch from behind him. Kyosuke opens the coffin up to find the body in a fresh state. Akina prepares to tune the body but Hime stops him so they they pray before sending him. Akina tunes the body and the Nanagou is restored.[5]

Oni Tale

Touka does Hime's hair during the class lunch break. As Hime eats Touka suggest the get their hair cut and Hime agrees. Hime states she will tell Kyosuke to start patrols without her as she continues eating. Hime notices that she cannot fnish her food before looking down to finally realize that her classmates have been sneaking more into her lunch box. After school Hime and Touka head over to the salon run by a kamaitachi barber. Hime get her hair cut first before quickly leaving after recieving and urgent phone call from Kyosuke. Hime rushes outside and is tackled by Kohime whom Kyosuke was trying to call her about. Kohime takes Hime to the office where Eiji, Kazuyoshi, Ao, Kotoha and Juli's father are waiting. Kazuyoshi shows Hime the papers he received from the Senate about a new form of anti-youkai barrier. Hime is frustrated with the Senate's methods and Juli's father recognizes the work to that of Murasaki Iyo. Juli's father explains the relationship between the Nanagou, youkai in terms of biology and science mentioning the oni siblings to be different from other youkai.[53]

Murasaki's trap

Later that night, Hime spars alone outside as Touka arrives home. Hime laments not having skilled in swordsmanship to spar with. The two go inside to eat. Later Touka wakes up having recieved a phone call from Midoriko. Touka and Kyosuke are prepared to head out to meet her but Hime insists on going with Touka in Kyosuke's stead. Touka and Hime follow Midoriko's direction leading under a bridge over the river. Murasaki reveals himself to have faked the phone call and launches a surprise attack, trapping them both with an anti-youkai barrier.[54] Ao uses her telepathy to relay the current situation at her home with a youkai hunter. Mursakai claims to having made a compromise with the youkai hunter for each getting one of the two oni. Murasaki pulls out a scalpel and monologues about wanting to research the oni in a gruesome way. Hime throws a rock, knocking the scalpel out of Murasaki's hand as she breaks free of her confinements. Murasaki records Hime with his phone before sending is shikigami to attack. Hime is able to avoid the attacks and prepares for a sneka attack but is caught by Murasaki. Touka begs for Murasaki to stop and Murasaki hits her. Murasaki begins to inflict pain on both of them and records the data. Ao relays a telepathic message to Hime telling her to retreat and switch places with Kotoha in their battles. Though initially hesitant she agrees and Murasaki allows her to leave, believing that she is abandoning Touka. Rushing home, Hime arrives at her residence, manifests her dragon spear and prepares to face off against Iruka Kujouin.[55]

Hime vs Iruka

Iruka expresses her delight about getting to fight a dragon and the two introduce themselves. Akina notices Hime's new haircut and Hime blush happily regaining her energy. Hime and Kyosuke and fight Iruka, Akina having to save Koysuke from an attack as he gets distracted. Iruka expresses how she is impressed with Akina's skill but disappointed with Kyosuke. Hime contemplates Kyosuke being too worried about Touka to concentrate. Hime and Akina try to remotivate Kyosuke to no avail. Ao is able to remotivate Kyosuke by telling him and Touka will praise him with affection is he does his best. Ao telepathically communicates a plan to Hime and Akina along with several others. Kotoha arrives back at Hime'e residence with Rokkaku as Murasaki follows them.[56] Kyosuke furiously confronts Murasaki as they try to deal with Iruka at the same time. Akina attempts to tune Iruka but fails and Iruka grapples his arm. Yae's sword appears from the sky into Hime's yard and magically expands the space of it. Hime and Iruka battle in the open area. Hime begins to lose her memories of oni as Murasaki activates a device to rid the townpeople of the knowledge of oni. Murasaki plan fails and Touka becomes a Momotarou. Iruka approaches Kyosuke crying as he is the only oni left as Hime catches up to her. Iruka attacks Kyosuke avoiding Hime ant Kotoha's attacks. Akina is able to catch Iruka's blade, revealing it the hanyou and tunes it, rending Iruka unconscious. Enjin prepares to have Murasaki fall but Murasaki deflects his power. Noriko, Nadeshiko and Juli arrive to take care of Murasaki and Iruka. Noriko reveals that she intercepted Murasaki's recored and deleted it while Nadeshiko takes Iruka home. Ao and Kotoha decide to sleep over at Hime's place for the night.[57]

Onigatari Conclusion

The next morning, Akina arrives at Hime residence to make breakfast. Shortly after, Iruka arrives being dropped off by a limousine. Iruka has breakfast with the group as she apologizes for her earlier actions. The group accept her apology, Hime noting Iruka personality to be unchanged. Iruka talks about her sword Doujigiri Yasutsuna which begins to talk surprising the group except Hime. Iruka give the blade to Akina believing herself to unfit to wield it until she is more trained. Hime asks Iruka if she could be her sparring partner and Akina tells Iruka that he needs training as well. Iruka contemplates her schedule and asks to move in with Hime which she easily allows to the surprise of the others.[57]


Pool Cleaning

While cleaning the school pool, Hime plays with her broom and is chastised for it by Midroiko. Ao, Rin and Kotoha playin curling with the broom and Hime berates them for it but Sawaki blames Hime for them having to clean the pool in the first place. Hime argues they forced her to represent the class in janken. Hime and Sawaki have trouble removing some mould when Iruka tells everyone to jump. With a single swipe, Iruka cuts the mould at its roots enabling it for easy cleaning to Hime astonishment. The group finish cleaning the pool but Midoriko arrives with Uzu who tells them they can use the pool as a reward for cleaning it. Kotoha fills the pool with her Kotodama and she and Ao change into their swimsuits. The girls swim as Hime soaks her feet in the pool. Yae arrives with Onigoroshi and asks Hime why she is not joining them. Hime claims to have forgotten her swimsuit and refuses Kotoha's offer to make her one. Yae changes into a bikini to swim and sharpens Onigoroshi with her skin before handing it off to Hime. Lila, Juli, Noriko and Nadeshiko arrive to join the pool party as well. Mina, Kana and Mariabell arrive along with Yuhi is is bludgeoned for by Kotoha for sneaking a grope at her breasts. The group enjoy their time at the pool, Kotoha creating many large inflatable pool toys until the pool is full. A live turtle is found in the pool and Ao and Kotoha leave to bring it back to the ocean. The others begin to leave until Hime is alone at the pool. Hime take off her clothes revealing her newly bought bikini and goes for a swim by herself, being too embarrassed to wear it in front of others. To Hime surprise Kotoha and Ao with Akina return, Kotoha and Ao complimenting her new swimsuit. Hime is embarrassed until Akina compliments her swimsuit and hides her face with her scarf. They tell Hime that Shidou offered to return the turtle to sea. Akina offers to make them food at the office for their hard work and leaves. Kotoha tells Hime to get changed but Hime wants to wear her swimsuit for longer.[58]

Tomoe arrives at Hime's home and Tomoe stops by to pray at their Butsudan. Tomoe mentions visiting the town long ago and Hime thinks of her grandmother. Hime leaves to go on patrols while Tomoe follows Kyosuke to inspect the Nanagou. Before leaving Hime tells Touka to study for her makeup exam.[59] While walking with Rin the two hear a loud bang in the distance, Hime brushing it off as race being started. Hime and Rin walk around town as Hime goes over her memo contemplating the coming year. Rin gives Hime her ramen and they converse about the Nanagou to take her mind off thing. Yae greets the two of them and tells Hime she saw Tomoe flying above them.[60] Hime and Yae spot Tomoe flying in the air on a magic boat with Akina, Ao, Kotoha and Kyosuke. Hime calls them down and Tomoe drops off Ao, Akina and Kotoha.[59]

Group Escape Senate Meeting

Hime, Akina, Ao and Kotoha meet with the Senate and Yuhi while Yae tags along going elsewhere in the building. They inform the group of Enjin's plan to attack during October, the month of gods, during which the town will lose its protection from the gods. The Senate explain their plan, using a information gathered by Murasaki, they will use the energy of the invading youkai as they enter the world as energy to tune the Nanagou. They tell Akina he needs to refrain from tuning in order for the plan to succeed and that they will be providing technology to help act as a substitute in the meantime. The group accept the Senates proposal before Usuzumi moves on to the final topic of killing Enjin.[60] Ao faints and Akina takes her and rushes out the door. As they leave, they pass Yae with Onigoroshi while the Senate tries to close them in to finish their conversation. Akina refuses to negotiate and uses Onigoroshi to cut open the closed exit. Ao tells Akina no to get angry which he denies being so. Hime cries telling Ao not to cry but Ao mentions she is the only one crying. The group calm down as Mariaell, Kyosuke and Tomoe arrive from above. The group decide to head home. Kyosuke notices Akina and Hime's eyes to be red which they deny.[61]

After eating dinner at Hime's home, Kyosuke gives his finding on the Nanagou. Kyosuke reveals that there is no evidence that Enjin is actually related to the Hiizumi Clan and the notes left by them state otherwise. The group ask Yae if there is she was able to see the sacrificing of the branch family which see denies having not been born at the time. Tomoe reveals that she was present to witness the event and offers to show them.[61] Tomoe shows them the events of the past from her perspective from which they see Oushyuu Hiizumi tuning the Hiizumi branch family with a devious grin before tuning himself. Hime and the group are knocked unconscious by Enjin's mind interference. All in the group wake except Akina who Hime has rest on her lap which Kotoha, Iruka, Ao and Touka tease Hime about. Tomoe packs her things and bids farewell, Hime promising they will meet again. Hime finds the resolve to stop the blooming of the Nanagou and announces her plans to be mayor until she is sixty which Kotoha tells her is too long.[62]

Blue Sky

Hime and Iruka

While heading towards the office, Hime and Iruka spot Noriko and Nadeshiko in the Senate's van struggling to drive up a steep road. Hime helps push the vehicle upwards. Iruka offers to help but Hime denies her stating it to be too dangerous for a normal human. Midoriko arrives and helps Hime push the vehicle. They arrive at the park in front of the office and Hime thank Midoriko. Ao gives Hime and Midoriko some pocky and they talk about their inspection day and Iruka getting her checkup. Iruka recieves her inspection first before the three youkai. Hime finishes her inspection second with no problem. Noriko tells Hime to thank to Yae for keeping for keepoing her in check and Hime leaves to chat with Kotoha and Akina in the office. After the inspections are finished Ao heads over to Yae's place. Noriko calls Hime, Kotoha and Akina to discuss the results of Yae inspection and tells them she has overused her powers and is close to slipping.[63] Noriko tells the group the only to solve the problem is to have Ao refrain from using her ability just as they have Akina to refrain from tuning. Hime suggests putting a seal on Ao like the one she has but Noriko tells them that only the dragons are powerful enough to endure the seal. Noriko leaves and has the three decide for themselves on how to break the news to Ao.[64]

In the office the discuss Ao's problem. Hime mentions it being not long ago that Ao hated using her powers. The group come to the conclusion they would be unable to stop Ao from using her powers since she is determined to use them to help everyone. Ao returns and Kotoha decides to be the one to tell Ao. After Kotoha finishes her conversation with Ao, Hime, Akina, Kyosuke and Touka join them, Hime inviting the two to her place to eat, Iruka having made too much dinner. The group put their hands together and make their resolute vows to succeed without losing anyone.[64]


Hime and Kyosuke are out on their morning run when to encounter Ao and Kotoha out on their morning run as well. Kyosuke leave to continue running while Hime stays to chat with Kotoha and Ao, commenting on Kotoha lack of physical activity. Hime asks to spar but Kotoha refuses wanting to read her book. Noriko arrives in the Senate van at the office gives Ao device resembling a cat headband that lessen the strain of using her power. Ao runs off to get is adjusted by Yae and Hime continues to insist on sparring. Noriko offers the two a compromise, using the two to test out her new virtual reality technology developed researching Ao's powers. Hime and Kotoha's minds are hooked up to Noriko's device and the to enter a simulation of the the park outside the office. The two spar with abilities, unrestrained by the limitations of worrying about damaging the city. Thy suddenly hear Iruka's voice when a giant Iruka appears within the simulation telling Hime it is time for breakfast. Kotoha prepares to test out a new skill but suddenly feels her breasts being groped in reality. They leave the simulation, Hime and Iruka heading home for breakfast.[65]

At the office, Ao hears what she believes to be an earthquake. Ao is about to use her abilities to check on the situation but is stopped by Hime. Hime heads outside, leaps to the top of a street clock and has Ao point her in the direction of the sound. Hime sees that the sound came from the Senate and notices something odd about the building but is unable to make it out. The two believe the situation should be okay since Kotoha and Akina are there.[66]

Hime vs Enjin

Later that night, Hime wraps her scarf around her head as Akina relays what happened and the Senate and their findings in their basement. Hime unwraps her head and decides the should focus on the yamabiko that attacked Kotoha.[67] Akina leaves with Onigoroshi, leaving Hime and Touka alone at the office. Hime spins around in her chair, texting the neighbouring communities to take care while Touka sleeps. Hime begins to ponder how precise all the youkai hunters' attacks were but her thoughts are interrupted by Enjin's sudden intrusion. Hime near instantly attacks Enjin as soon as he makes himself present while avoiding damaging the office and waking Kotoha. Hime is launched out the window into the park where Enjin reads Hime thoughts. Enjins finds that Hime knows nothing of the device within the Senate's basement and calls it a waste of time. Hime inquires how he knows where everyone lives and accuses of having Gin's memories and Gin still being alive in his body. Enjin does not give a clear answer and begins to use onmyōdō.[68] Touka exits the office unable to detect Hime and Enjin's battle du to a barrier set up by Enjin. Hime faces off against an onmyōdō snake created by Enjin.[69] Akina arrives with Onigorishi, slicing open Enjin's barrier just as Hime defeats the snake. Enjin summons the eleven remaining zodiac animals for them to fight. Hime questions how Enjin can use onmyōdō to which Akina states he forgot to tell her. Akina and Hime battle back to back and Hime gets excited. Akina tells Hime they to finish their fight quickly so they can go help Kotoha. Hime and Akina finish off the remainig zodiac animals when the yamabiko suddenly arrives. Enjin has his onmyōdō snake consume the yamabiko as he explains the process being akin to falling.[70]

Akina and Kotoha prepare to face off agains the fallen youkai when Kotoha arrives from the sky on a girder to join the battle. Ao uses her powers to link their minds so they can communicate telepathically. Murasaki call Ao to relay information about the yamabiko who then relays it to the group. Kotoha and Hime battle the yamabiko to find Murasaki's info is outdated since fallen. Hime blocks an attack from the enemy by encompassing her arms in the dragon pulse. Hime and Kotoha are sent flying but Kotoha manages to stop their propulsion by creating a matress in the air. Kotoha uses her new Folklore skill as they fall through the air but are unble to hurt Hifumi. Kotoha falls to the ground and Hime defends her by testing out her new abilities. Hime and Kotoha manage to escape Hifumi and as they retreat, Kotoha has Ao formulate and relay a plan.[71]

Hime and Akina inside whale

Hime and Kotoha continue running as they follow Ao's plan. They run to the building they fought Zakuro escaping up the elevator. Ao tells Hime to use the dragon pulse on her legs to enhance her speed. When Hifumi reaches them Kotoha and Hime sprint away as fast as they can down the street. Hifumi manages to catch and throw Hime but she is caught by Lila passing by on her broom carrying Zakuro, Eiji, Iruka, Akina and Takao Takemura in a police cruiser behind them. The group in the police cruiser hold Hifumi off as Kotoh a continues forward along with Hime, Akina and Lila on Lila's broom. Kotoha is able to lead Hifumi over the sea where Kotoha summons a Moby Dick to swallows her. Inside the whale Hime creates a platform for Akina to stand on and Akina exorcises Hifumi. The group emerge from the sea being brought up by mermaids created by Kotoha.[72]

The next morning, Hifumi eats food at Hime's as Rin and Zakuro arrive with food delivery. Hime states they need find a place for Hifumi to stay but Ao is opposed to it. Hifumi suggest she live with Hime which Hime accepts. Tomoe arrives rejecting the idea stating she needs to take Hifumi back into the mountains since she is too dangerous as a wild youkai who has fallen. Hifumi cries and Hime tells her to go back to the mountains. Hime promises Hifumi to return in October after the conflict has settled and they will have a place fore her which Hifumi accepts. Tomoe asks about Kyosuke's whereabouts and Hime sends Kyosuke a text since has not yet returned from the Senate.[72]


Lacrosse Stick: Hime carries around a lacrosse stick which she uses to swipe and whack objects.

Hime Memo: A long scroll in which Hime notes and records various things relating to her job as mayor. The scroll is thick enough to block a stab from boxcutter knife.


Enhanced Strength: As a youkai, Hime posses great strength surpassing that of regular humans. Hime has the ability to jump and land at great heights without getting injured.

Enhanced Durability: As a youkai, Hime is able to withstand more damage then regular humans. She is shown to be capable of deflecting bullets with her hands and fall from great heights with little injury. Hime is also able to recover from injuries at an enhanced rate, being able to rest for shorter periods of time than humans to recover from injuries.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Hime is able run at high speeds, faster than vehicles such as Juli's ambulance. She possesses enhanced reflexes and is able to react to Enjin's near instantaneous movements.

Experienced Spear User: Having been trained at an early age, Hime is adept at using spears and other polearm like weapons.

Spear Techniques: Hime uses various spear techniques which are numbered by Stages ((だん), Dan).

  • 6th Stage - Kirin (六の段「麒麟」, Roku no dan Kirin): Hime slams her spear vertically downwards.
  • 9th Stage - Kumogiri (九の段「雲切」, Kyū no dan Kumogiri): Hime swing her spear horizontally with one arm at the target.
  • 14th Stage - Hikishi (十四の段「火消」, Jū yon no dan Hikeshi): Hime swing her spear upwards with both hands.
  • 18th Stage - Kumonoko (十七の段「蜘蛛丿子」, Jū hachi no dan Kumonoko): Hime jumps into the air and stabs downwards launching debris and creating a smokescreen.
  • 19th Stage - Ogumo (十九の段「大蜘蛛」, Jū kyū no dan Ōgumo): Hime stabs beneath the ground and launches it upwards, unravelling the ground onto her opponent.
  • 29th Stage - Hassai (二十九の段「八彩」, Nijūkyū no dan Hassai): Hime is seen using this in training. Its exact usage is unknown.
  • 47th Stage - Tenkai (四十七の段「天介」, Yon jū nana no dan Tenkai): Hime twirls her spear before striking forward.
  • 50th Stage - Getsuei (五十の段「月永」, Gojū no dan Getsuei): Hime slams her spear downards at her opponent.
  • 71st Stage - Chidori (七十一の段「千鳥」, Nana jūichi no dan Chidori): Holding her spear with one arm to extend its range, Hime stabs directly in front of her.
  • 72nd Stage - Namiuchi (七十二の段「波打」, Nana jūni no dan Namiuchi): Hime scrapes end of her spear across the ground and swings upwards.
  • 90th Stage - Kakoi (九十の段「囲」, Kujū no dan Kakoi): Hime strike the ground with her spear and uses it to do a flip.
  • Final Stage - Ohanabi (終の段「大花火」Shiyū no dan Ōhanabi): Hime spins around swinging her her weapon. When not using the Dragon Spear it causes her to spin around ineffectively and leaves her dizzy.

Dragon Pulse Manipulation: Hime is capable of manipulating the Dragon Pulse, an energy emitted from the earth. The energy can manipulated in various ways and used to enhance her abilities, increasing their power and range.

  • Dragon Spear Sakanade (龍槍 逆撫, Ryūsō Sakanade): Hime's primary youkai ability which allows her to manifest a spear of energy when attuned to the Dragon Pulse.
  • Bamboo Shoot (竹の子, Takenoko): Hime is able to manipulate the Dragon Pulse within the earth to shoot outwards. She can do this without being directly in contact with the ground.
  • Dragon Pulse Enhancements: Hime is able to encompass parts of her body with the Dragon Pulse increasing her power in various ways. By encompassing her hands with Dragon Pulse she is able to block powerful attacks with them. By using on her feet, Hime is able to enhance her speed. Using both, sllows her to easily climb and hold onto even flat surfaces.
  • Dragon Pulse Foothold: Hime is able to create footholds for her allies and presumably herself to stand on.


Akina Hiizumi

Kotoha Isone

Ao Nanami

Kyousuki Kishi

Touka Kishi


Appearances in Other Media

  • Hime appeared in the Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game KritiKa Online as part of a promotional collaboration for Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta. For a limited time, players would be able to aquire Hime as a costume for the Rogue class along with a Petit Hime cosmetic.
TripleMonsters Hime 0926 arena img01
TripleMonsters Hime PlayerModel 180925 info yozakura01
  • Hime appears in Bushiroad's mobile trading card game Triple MonsterS as part of Yozakura Quartet event which took place between September 26, 2018 to October 10, 2018. Hime can be obtained as both a player character available for purchase, and a card which can be obtained as an event reward. Hime's player character is based on her winter uniform from the beginning of the series.[73] The artwork for her card is from the poster which came with the DVD/Blu-ray of Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta volume 1.



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